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IERS Working Group on Diurnal and Semi-diurnal EOP Variations
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This page is meant to faciliate communication among the members of the IERS Working Group on Diurnal and Subdiurnal Earth Orientation Variation. It is maintained by John Gipson, chair of this Working Group, and IVS Analysis Coordinator. This has the following subdirectories:

  • Models of diurnal and sub-diurnal EOP variation in IERS format.
  • Software and output used to generate HFEOP from different models.
  • Memos written by members of the working group.
  • Presentations related to our work
  • Papers related to our work
  • Archived WG mail. Must be a WG member to access.

  • The position of the IVS Analysis Coordinator is currently supported by NASA GSFC. NASA + Privacy Policy and Important Notices Last updated: 11/07/2018