Fourth IVS Analysis Workshop
April 3-4, 2003
Paris Observatory, Paris, France

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Overview     This workshop is meant as a platform for intensive discussions rather than a forum for extensive presentations of results. It is planned that some of the discussions are initiated by a short introductory presentation of not more than 10 minutes.

Topics     The Analysis Coordinator has set up a web page with the topics to be covered in the program.

Registration     If you plan to attend the workshop, please register using the registration form. There is no registration fee, but the organizers would like to know who plans to attend.

You can view the list of people already registered by clicking on one of the buttons below.
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Accommodations     The organizers have provided a list of hotels near the observatory. The local map shows the location of each hotel by number referenced to the list of hotels.

The web site has a list of all the hotels in Paris. On the web site you can select different locations to see the hotels near Paris Observatory:

Paris Observatory Information     Paris Observatory's web page provides information about how to get to the observatory.

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