5th IVS Technical Operations Workshop

Pre-registration Form

Pre-registration deadline is March 20, 2009.

Everyone who plans to attend the meeting must register. Registration consists of two parts: (1) Pre-registration (this form) and (2) Class sign-up (form available by end of March). We will guarantee class space only for those who pre-register by the deadline. The class sign-up form will be provided once the total number of participants is known and the feedback on class interests has been evaluated. Everyone who pre-registers should consider giving feedback on class interests. A corresponding feeback form is available from the opening of pre-registration until March 6.

Attendance at the TOW will be limited to two people from each station. If you can send two people, we recommend that the best pair of people would be an experienced station operator plus a new operator. If your station would like to send more than two people, please have the additional people also fill out the registration form. Then, send a message to the with the priority order of the people from your station. Attendance for only two people per station is guaranteed. The limit of two will be raised only if it does not cause the meeting and classes to become too large.

A registration fee of $300 (subject to verification) will be collected at the registration desk at the meeting. Only cash or checks (made out to "MIT Haystack Observatory") in USD can be accepted. All fields are required.

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Last updated: February 10, 2009