Observing Program

Search Master Files

The forms on this page allow you to search the master files, and to display summaries of the master files. Choices are:

In all these forms, click on any list item to select it. For Windows interfaces: To select more than one item, press Ctrl while clicking the next one. To select a range of items, select the first one and then press Shift while clicking the last item in the range.

Station Usage Chart

The station usage chart shows the number and type of sessions in which each station participates. The total number of station days is also shown.

Master file year (select the master file year)   

Search A Master File

This form lets you search a master file to select a subset of lines to be displayed. Selection may be done by station name and/or session type. If more than one station is selected, the selected lines may be displayed in either station mode or baseline mode (see the choices for explanation).

Master file year (select the master file year)

Types of sessions to include:     Station(s) to include:  

Station mode (Default. Include sessions that have any of the marked stations.)
Baseline mode (Include only sessions that have all of the marked stations.)

Specify the type of master file and whether to list all participating stations:
display lines from master file (default)
display lines from master media file
display the media for the single selected station


Media Totals

This form will display the number of media needed at the selected station(s) for each month of the selected year. The information should help the stations and correlators plan for the required shipping and media usage.

Master file year (select the master file year)

   Station(s) to include:  

Stations and Correlators

This display shows the stations for which each correlator is responsible for shipping media.