IVS Publications and Presentations

IVS 2004 General Meeting Proceedings

Edited by Nancy Vandenberg and Karen D. Haver



Session Authors Title
  Nancy Vandenberg Preface
Session 1. VLBI: Today's Results and Tomorrow's Vision
  Wolfgang Schlüter Chair's Report at the Third IVS General Meeting
  Patrick Charlot The ICRF: 2010 and Beyond
  Martine Feissel-Vernier et al. VLBI and Earth Rotation: Geophysical and Geodetic Challenges
  Hermann Drewes and Christoph Reigber The IAG Project "Integrated Global Geodetic Observing System (IGGOS)" – Setup of the Initial Phase
  Benjamin F. Chao Earth Rotational Variations Excited by Geophysical Fluids
  Zinovy Malkin 5,000,000 Delays—Some Statistics
Session 2. VLBI2010
  John LaBrecque The International Global Network of Geodetic Fiducial Stations
  Ari Mujunen, Junko Ritakari VLBI2010: Commercial-off-the-Shelf Technology Perspectives in 1996, 2003 and 2010
  Bill Petrachenko et al. VLBI2010: Networks and Observing Strategies
  Hayo Hase et al. Preliminary Results of the VLBI2010 Subgroup "RF/IF, Frequency and Time"
  Christopher S. Jacobs et al. Standard Observing Bands: Is Now the Time to Replace S/X with X/Ka?
  Christopher S. Jacobs et al. Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies: 24 and 43 GHz Astrometry
  Gino Tuccari et al. Backend Systems – Perspectives in 2010
  Alan R. Whitney et al. Data Acquisition and Transport - Looking 2010 and Beyond
  Yasuhiro Koyama et al. Correlators in 2010 and Beyond
  Harald Schuh Report of the Subgroup "Data Analysis" of Working Group 3 VLBI2010 (Outline)
  Chopo Ma Data Longevity Beyond 2010
  R. Craig Walker Future Directions on the VLBA
  Wolfgang Winkler et al. VIEPROJI - A Students' VLBI Project
  David L. Jauncey et al. The Impact of Interstellar Scintillation on Astrometric VLBI
Session 3. Network Stations, Operation Centers, Correlators
  Arno Müskens et al. Operational Experience with the Mark 5 Recording System at the Bonn and USNO Correlator
  Alessandra Bertarini et al. Overview of Geodetic Experiments at the Bonn Correlator
  Robert M. Campbell Recent Results from the EVN Mark IV Data Processor at JIVE
  Andrey Finkelstein et al. Some Results of the First Year of Participation of the Svetloe Observatory in IVS Observing Programs
  Zhihan Qian et al. Present Status and Future Plan on the Chinese VLBI Network
  Shigeru Matsuzaka et al. VLBI-GPS Co-location Results in Japan
  Hayo Hase et al. Projects at TIGO
  Maria Hennes, Cornelia Eschelbach New Technologies for the Real 3D Reference Point Determination
  Seiji Manabe et al. Status and Plan of Geodetic and Astrometric Observations with VERA
  Young Chol Minh et al. Present Status of the KVN Construction Project
  Andrey Finkelstein et al. Radio Astronomy Observatories Svetloe, Zelenchukskaya and Badary of VLBI Network QUASAR
  Igor Molotov et al. VLBI Status of the Bear Lakes Radio Astronomy Station
  Alexandr Volvach et al. Single Dish Flux Density Monitoring of Geodetic VLBI Sources
Session 4. New Technology Developments in VLBI
  Alan R. Whitney The Mark 5B VLBI Data System
  Jouko Ritakari, Ari Mujunen Gbit/s VLBI and eVLBI with Off-The-Shelf Components
  Tetsuro Kondo et al. Current Status of Software Correlators Developed at Kashima Space Research Center
  Stephen T. Lowe Softc: an Operational Software Correlator
  Valery Gratchev New Correlator PARSEC
  Hiroshi Takeuchi et al. VLBI@home – VLBI Correlators by GRID Computing System
  Stephen Parsley eVLBI Research in the European VLBI Network
  Zheng Weimin et al. e-VLBI Progress of the Chinese VLBI Network
  David Lapsley A Practical Approach to e-VLBI over Long Fast Networks
  Yasuhiro Koyama et al. Geodetic Experiments with the K5 System
  Gino Tuccari et al. A Near Real Time e-Radar/VLBI Network
  Seog-Tae Han et al. The Multi-Channel Millimeter Wave Receiver for VLBI
  Gino Tuccari DBBC - a Wide Band Digital Base Band Converter
  Hans Hinteregger Low-Cost Wideband Digital Back-Ends for LOFAR→e-VLBI→SKA
  Alexander Ipatov et al. The Data Acquisition System Developed for Quasar Network
  Duk-Gyoo Roh et al. A Design of Data Acquisition System for Korean VLBI Network
  Ryuichi Ichikawa et al. An Evaluation of VLBI Observations for the Deep Space Tracking of the Interplanetary Spacecrafts
  Mamoru Sekido et al. VLBI Observation for Spacecraft Navigation (NOZOMI) - Data Processing and Analysis Status Report
Session 5. Analysis Strategies and Software
  David Gordon CALC: The Next Upgrade
  Oleg Titov et al. OCCAM v.6.0 Software for VLBI Data Analysis
  Ojars J. Sovers et al. MODEST: a Tool for Geodest and Astrometry
  Johannes Böhm, Harald Schuh Vienna Mapping Functions in VLBI Analyses
  Volkmar Thorandt, Gerald Engelhardt Residual Plotting and Ambiguity Resolution (REPA)
  Wolfgang Schwegmann An Embedded Expert System for the Automation of VLBI Data Analysis: Concept, Implementation and Results
  Wolfgang Schwegmann et al. Towards an Operational Automatic VLBI Data Analysis Tool for INTENSIVE Sessions
  Volker Tesmer, Hansjörg Kutterer An Advanced Stochasic Model for VLBI Observations and its Application to VLBI Data Analysis
  Hansjörg Kutterer Reliability Measures for Geodetic VLBI Products
  Thomas Hobiger, Harald Schuh Modelling Vertical Total Electron Content from VLBI Observations
  Volkmar Tesmer et al. Simultaneous Estimation of a TRF, the EOP and a CRF
  V.S. Gubanov et al. Project: Global Analysis of 1979-2004 VLBI Data
  Zinovy Malkin Towards IVS Analysis Conventions
  Gerald Engelhardt et al. Activites of the IVS Analysis Center at BKG in 2003
  David M. Hall et al. VLBI Analysis at the U.S. Naval Observatory
Session 6. Results and Geodetic/Geophysical/Astrometric Interpretation
  Chopo Ma Refinement of the ICRF
  Alan L. Fey Status of the International Celestial Reference Frame
  Martine Feissel-Vernier Stability of the VLBI-Derived Celestial Reference Frame
  David Gordon VLBA Impact on Geodesy and Astrometry
  Alan L. Fey et al. VLBI Astrometry of 22 Southern Hemisphere Radio Sources
  David A. Boboltz et al. Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies – Imaging and Source Structure
  Nicole Capitaine, Patrick Wallace The VLBI Contribution to Precession (Present and Future)
  D.E. Smylie, Andrew Palmer Ring Downs of Free Core Nutations in the GSFC and USNO VLBI Nutation Series
  Véronique Dehant et al. Investigation of Nutation beyond the IAU2000 Model
  Georgo A. Krasinsky Viscosity of the Earth's Fluid Core from VLBI Data
  Zinovy Malkin A New Free Core Nutation Model with Variable Amplitude and Period
  Daniel Gambis, Christian Bizouard Contribution of VLBI to Earth Orientation Monitoring: State-of-the-Art and Future Prospects
  Karen Baver et al. Analysis of the VLBI Intensive Sessions
  Dorothee Fischer et al. UT1 Intensive Series Using K4 Technology
  Rüdiger Haas et al. Investigations of High-Frequency Earth Rotation Variations from VLBI CONT Observations
  Jolanta Nastula et al. High Resolution Earth Rotation Parameters Determined During the CONT02 Campaign
  Christoph Steinforth, Axel Nothnagel Considering a Priori Correlations in the IVS Combined EOP Series
  Manuela Krügel et al. CONT02 Campaign - Combination of VLBI and GPS
  Markus Vennebusch First Results of SINEX Combinations
  Mamoru Sekido Evaluation of Global Ionosphere TEC by Comparison with VLBI Data
  Thomas Hobiger, Harald Schuh How VLBI Contributes to Ionospheric Research
  Thomas Hobiger et al. Ionospheric Parameters Obtained by Different Space Geodetic Techniques during CONT02
  Sten Bergstrand, Rüdiger Haas Comparison of Ionospheric Activity Derived from GPS and Different VLBI Networks
  Gabor Lanyi et al. Limitations to Dual Frequency Ionospheric Corrections for Frequency Switched K-Q-Band Observations with the VLBA
  Monia Negusini, Paolo Tomasi Tropospheric Parameters Estimated by Geodetic VLBI Data IVS
  Harald Schuh et al. IVS Tropospheric Parameters - Comparison with DORIS and GPS for CONT02
  Elena Skurikhina Long Time Wet Tropospheric Delay Series for Some Stations
  Bisser Stoyanov et al. Calculating Mapping Functions from the HIRLAM Nuumerical Weather Prediction Model
  Daniel MacMillan, Jean-Paul Boy Mass Loading Effects on Crustal Displacements Measured by VLBI
  Zhigen Yang et al. Relative Deformations between Co-located VLBI Stations and Comparisons with VTRF2003
  Axel Nothnagel First Results of the IVS Pilot Project "Time Series of Baseline Lengths"
  Daniel MacMillan, Steven Cohen Postseismic Transient after the 2002 Denali Fault Earthquake from VLBI Measurements at Fairbanks
  Oleg Titov, Paul Tregoning Post-Seismic Motion of Gilcreek Geodetic Sites Following the November, 2002 Denali Earthquake
Splinter Meeting Report
  Axel Nothnagel Summary of the Fifth IVS Analysis Workshop