Fifth IVS General Meeting

Presentation Files of All Oral and Some Poster Presentations

Presentation Title Author
GM2008_1-01 IVS Report 2006–2008 Dirk Behrend, Harald Schuh
GM2008_1-02 IVS Plans and Perspectives Harald Schuh, Dirk Behrend
GM2008_1-03 Synergies between VLBI and GPS Urs Hugentobler
GM2008_1-04 Combining VLBI Intensive with GPS Rapid Solutions for Deriving a Stable UT Time Series Daniella Thaller et al.
GM2008_1-05 How Can the Wettzell "G" Ringlaser Improve VLBI Measurements of Subdiurnal Earth Rotation Variations? Paulo Mendes et al.
GM2008_1-06 The Role of VLBI in GGOS Markus Rothacher
GM2008_1-07 Search for VLBI-compact Extragalactic Radio Sources Yuri Kovalev
GM2008_1-08 Multi-step VLBI Observations of Weak Extragalactic Radio Sources to Align the ICRF and the Future GAIA Frame Géraldine Bourda et al.
GM2008_1-09 * cancelled *
GM2008_1-01P High Resolution Atmosphere Angular Momentum Time Series for Continuous VLBI Campaigns Johannes Böhm et al.
GM2008_2-01 The QUASAR Network: 2008, 2009, 2010 Andrey Finkelstein et al.
GM2008_2-02 Equipment Failures, Chronic Station Problems, and RFI: Their Effects on Geodetic VLBI Data as Seen at the Correlator Kerry Kingham, David Hall
GM2008_2-03 Effects on the Geodetic-VLBI Measurables due to Polarization Leakage in the 2.3 GHz and 8.4 GHz Receivers Alessandra Bertarini et al.
GM2008_2-04 Twin Telescope Wettzell: a VLBI2010 Radio Telescope Project Hayo Hase et al.
GM2008_2-05 Space Geodesy at KASI Younghee Kwak et al.
GM2008_2-06 Comparisons of Correlations Using Disk Transfer and e-VLBI Transfer Axel Nothnagel et al.
GM2008_2-07 Ultra-rapid UT1 Measurements with e-VLBI Shigeru Matsuzaka et al.
GM2008_2-08 The EVN MkIV Data Processor at JIVE and e-VLBI Developments in the EVN Bob Campbell et al.
GM2008_2-09 The IAA RAS 6-station VLBI Correlator Igor Surkis et al.
GM2008_2-10 Bonn Correlator Status Report Arno Müskens et al.
GM2008_2-11 CVN Software Correlator Development and Applications in the Chines Lunar Exploration Mission Weimin Zheng
GM2008_2-04P Australian–New Zealand Geodetic VLBI Network Project Oleg Titov et al.
GM2008_2-11P Matera Site Survey and VLBI Invariant Point Determination Roberto Lanotte, Giuseppe Bianco
GM2008_3-01 VLBI as a Tool to Connect Astrometry and Astrophysics Yury Gnedin
GM2008_3-02 IVS Working Group 4 on VLBI Data Structures John Gipson
GM2008_3-03 Effects of Surface Pressure and Temperature on the VLBI Reference Frame Robert Heinkelmann et al.
GM2008_3-04 The Chinese VLBI Network and its Contribution to the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project Chang'E-1 Jinling Li
GM2008_3-01P Improved Estimation in VLBI through Better Modeling and Analysis John Gipson et al.
GM2008_4-01 Secular Decrease of the Earth's Ellipticity form the Analysis of VLBI Data of 1984–2006, and the Long-term Systematic Errors of the Precession-Nutation Models IAU2000 and IAU2006 George Krasinsky
GM2008_4-02 Comparisons of Precession-Nutation Models Nicole Capitaine et al.
GM2008_4-03 Astrophysical Stability of Radio Sources and Implication for the Realization of the Next ICRF Patrick Charlot
GM2008_4-04 Some Challenges in Developing the Second ICRF Chopo Ma
GM2008_4-05 On Source Selection for the ICRF-2 Zinovy Malkin
GM2008_4-06 Selection of 'Defining' Sources for ICRF-2 David Gordon et al.
GM2008_4-07 Systematic Effects in Apparent Proper Motions of Radio Sources Oleg Titov
GM2008_4-08 Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies: X/Ka-band Global Astrometric Results Christopher Jacobs, Ojars Sovers
GM2008_4-09 * cancelled *
GM2008_4-10 Results from K-band Geodetic VLBI Using VERA Takaaki Jike et al.
GM2008_4-11 Comparison of Radio Source Positions from Individual Solutions Sergei Bolotin, Svitlana Lytvyn
GM2008_4-12 The Large Quasar Astrometric Catalog and the Radio-Optical Link Jean Souchay et al.
GM2008_4-13 The Effect of Nuclear Opacity in Radio Sources on Astrometric Applications Andrei Lobanov
GM2008_4-14 Atmospheric Loading Coefficients Determined from Homogeneously Reprocessed Long-term GPS and VLBI Height Time Series Volker Tesmer et al.
GM2008_4-15 Re-assessment of Ocean Tidal Terms in High-Frequency Earth Rotation Variations Observed by VLBI Sigrid Englich et al.
GM2008_4-16 Comparison and Validation of VLBI Derived Polar Motion Estimates Thomas Artz et al.
GM2008_4-17 The Variance Component Approach in the IVS Combination Sarah Böckmann, Axel Nothnagel
GM2008_4-18 Combination of Nutation Time Series Derived from VLBI and GNSS Maria Kudryashova et al.
GM2008_4-19 Outer and Inner Core Parameters from Joint Analysis of Superconducting Gravimeter and VLBI Data Séverine Rosat, Sébastien Lambert
GM2008_5-01 Modeling Tropospheric Delays with Astmospheric Turbulence Models Tobias Nilsson, Rüdiger Haas
GM2008_5-02 VLBI2010 Broadband Delay Demonstration Arthur Niell
GM2008_5-03 Progress Report on Developing Eleven Feed for VLBI2010 and SKA Frequency Bands Per-Simon Kildal
GM2008_5-04 Composite Applications to Radio Telescopes Dean Chalmers et al.
GM2008_5-05 DBBC Development Status Gino Tuccari et al.
GM2008_5-06 Progress of Wideband VLBI Digital System Development at SHAO Xiuzhong Zhang
GM2008_5-07 The Mark 5C VLBI Data System Alan Whitney
GM2008_5-08 Mark 5C Software Development Program Chester Ruszczyk
GM2008_5-09 Development of a Compact VLBI System for Providing over 10 km Baseline Calibration Ryuichi Ichikawa
GM2008_5-10 Developments of an Automated Data Processing System for Ultra Rapid dUT1 e-VLBI Sessions Yasuhiro Koyama
GM2008_5-11 VLBI2010 Antenna Slew Rate Study Bill Petrachenko et al.
GM2008_5-12 Simulation Analysis of the Geodetic Performance of Networks of VLBI2010 Stations Daniel MacMillan
GM2008_5-13 VLBI2010 Simulations at IGG Vienna Jörg Wresnik et al.
GM2008_5-14 Vienna VLBI2010 PPP Simulations Andrea Pany et al.
GM2008_5-15 The Square Kilometre Array in the Context of IVS Science Leonid Gurvits
GM2008_5-16 VLBI Observation of SELENE (KAGUYA) with VERA and with an International VLBI Network Hideo Hanada et al.
GM2008_5-17 VLBI and Precise Navigation in Space Vladimir Zharov, Leonid Matveenko
GM2008_5-18 On the Space VLBI Mathematical Model with Nutation Parameters Erhu Wei et al.

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