Data & Products


Data is acquired by Network Stations and then processed by Correlators that submit data bases to Data Centers. The processed data bases are analyzed by Analysis Centers to generate products. The flow of data and the resulting products are shown graphically on the IVS structure and flow diagram.

Contents of the Data Centers are organized into two types:

  • Data, including primary data such as data bases and NGS card files, and auxiliary data such as schedule file and log files.
  • Products, such as EOP, TRF, CRF.

There are three primary IVS Data Centers that hold the IVS data and product files. These Data Centers mirror each other several times daily to ensure common holdings.

As of August 2, 2021, the Data Centers use a new ingest software that requires the submitters to adhere to the file name conventions, the correct use of compression type, and the proper file format. Infractions of the rules results in the rejection of the submitted files. A summary of the file name conventions provides guidance for the submitters. The conventions were updated on January 5, 2023 to reflect the changes made to the master file format v2.0. The historic file name conventions are available for reference.