Observing Program


General. The IVS observing program consists of various series of 24-hour observing sessions. The program is planned by the Observing Program Committee, coordinated by the IVS Coordinating Center, and executed by the Network Stations, Operation Centers, and Correlators. The result of the observing program is the data held in the Data Centers that is then available for analysis. The flow of data and the resulting products are shown graphically on the IVS structure and flow diagram. Auxiliary data files, such as schedule and notes files, are used to facilitate the observing operations. They can be accessed from the IVS Data page or following procedures outlined in the Download Schedules page.

IVS Live. Following the success of the dynamic Web site for the IYA09 session, Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux developed a generalized version of this tool for the entire IVS observing plan. The resulting IVS Live site allows the user to monitor each session in real-time in terms of stations, scans, and sources being used. It provides links to Webcams and further ancillary information. Follow the countdown to the next IVS session, or check out past or future IVS sessions using the session calendar. Many thanks to Arnaud Collioud and Bordeaux Observatory for making this possible.