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News 2021

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2021 July 1 On August 2, 2021, it is planned that the IVS Data Centers switch over to a new ingest software. The new software will apply stricter quality control for the file name, compression type, and file format. The conventions, valid from August 2 onward, are compiled into a summary reference document.
2021 June 30 The IVS website was augmented by a page about local VLBI ties under the Network Stations tab as Local VLBI-derived Vector Ties. The page compiles papers and presentations about local VLBI ties.
2021 June 30 Arthur Niell gave a seminar about the “VLBI tie between the legacy and VGOS geodetic antennas at Kokee Park Geophysical Observatory, Hawaii, USA” in the GSFC Geodesy and Geophysics Lab Seminar series on June 15, 2021. The slides and a recording of the seminar are available at the IVS OOC.
2021 April 12 Eskil Varenius gave an online seminar about “Station Amplitude Calibration: Why we need it and how to do it.” A recording of the seminar is available at the IVS OOC: https://vlbi.org/2021/04/12/seminar-stations-amplitude-calibration/.
2021 April 7 The April issue of the IVS Newsletter was posted on the Web site. This issue features the Analysis Center at ETH Zurich.
2021 January 8 The Call for 2019+2020 Biennial Report was posted.
2021 January 3 The Minutes of the 43rd DB Meeting (ersatz #2) were posted.