The goals of IVS are:

  • To provide a service to support geodetic, geophysical and astrometric research and operational activities.
  • To interact with the community of users of VLBI products and to integrate VLBI into a global Earth observing system.
  • To promote research and development activities in all aspects of the geodetic and astrometric VLBI technique.

Acknowledge IVS:

Whenever your use of IVS data or products results in a publication, please include a citation.

IVS is a service of

  International Association of Geodesy
  International Astronomical Union
  ICSU World Data System

News and Current Events

VTC Seminar on Station Amplitude Calibration (April 12)
Eskil Varenius gave an online seminar about “Station Amplitude Calibration: Why we need it and how to do it.” A recording of the seminar is available at the IVS OOC:

April Newsletter (April 7)
The April issue of the IVS Newsletter was posted on the Web site. This issue features the Analysis Center at ETH Zurich.

Call for 2019+2020 Biennial Report (January 8)
The IVS Directing Board invites all IVS components to submit reports for the IVS 2019+2020 Biennial Report. The 2019+2020 Biennial Report will cover the calendar years from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2020. Reports are due by February 15, 2021.

Minutes of 43rd DB Meeting (ersatz #2) (January 3)
The minutes of the 43rd Directing Board meeting were posted.

Citation reference for CONT17 (November 5)
A citation reference was added to the CONT17 campaign: