IVS Publications and Presentations


It is important that you acknowledge the IVS in your papers and presentations that rely on VLBI data and results. Please reference either of the following two citations:

H. Schuh, D. Behrend, "VLBI: A fascinating technique for geodesy and astrometry", Journal of Geodynamics, Vol. 61, pp. 68–80, October 2012. DOI 10.1016/j.jog.2012.07.007

Dirk Behrend, "Data Handling within the International VLBI Service", Data Science Journal, Vol. 12, pp. WDS81–WDS84, ISSN 1683-1470, 17 February 2013. DOI 10.2481/dsj.WDS-011

Furthermore, please include VLBI and IVS as keywords in your papers. The VLBI community relies on these acknowledgements and references to strengthen its requests for continued support from its funding organizations. The Coordinating Center asks that you provide a link to and/or bibliographic reference of any VLBI-related papers or presentations.