Links to Meetings: 2012

14-16 February Pathways to SKA Science in Australasia, Auckland, New Zealand
1-2 March VLBI2010 Workshop on Technical Specifications, Bad Kötzting, Germany
4-9 March 7th IVS General Meeting, Madrid, Spain
22-27 April EGU General Assembly 2012, Vienna, Austria
13-17 August AOGS-AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly, Singapore
19-20 August International Symposium on Space Geodesy and Earth System, Shanghai, China
21-25 August International Summer School on Space Geodesy and Earth System, Shanghai, China
20-31 August XXVIII IAU General Assembly, Beijing, China
17-20 September WEGENER 2012, Strasbourg, France
24-28 September 6th Annual DiFX Users and Developers Meeting, Sydney, Australia
9-12 October 11th EVN Symposium, Bordeaux, France
22-24 October 1st International VLBI Technology Workshop, Haystack Observatory, Westford, MA, USA
3-7 December AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA