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IVS 2022 General Meeting Proceedings

Edited by Kyla L. Armstrong, Dirk Behrend, and Karen D. Baver



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Session Authors Title
  Dirk Behrend et al. Preface
Session 1. Technical Developments at the Stations
  Rolf Dach Dependency of Satellite Geodesy on UT1-UTC from VLBI
  Francisco Colomer The Global VLBI Alliance
  Juha Kallunki et al. Spectrum Management for the VLBI Global Observing System (VGOS) Observations
  Federico Di Vruno and Vincenza Tornatore Large Satellite Constellations and Their Potential Impact on VGOS Operations
  Dirk Behrend et al. Status of the VGOS Infrastructure Rollout
  Susana Garcia-Espada et al. Status at Ny-Ålesund Geodetic Earth Observatory
  Dmitry Ivanov et al. Russian New Generation VLBI Network
  João Salmim Ferreira et al. RAEGE Santa Maria: Station Overview
  José Antonio López-Pérez et al. Description of RAEGE Yebes VGOS Receiver Upgrades
  Nattaporn Thoonsaengngam et al. VGOS Station in the South of Thailand
  Saho Matsumoto et al. Status of the Ishioka VLBI Station for the Past Two Years
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. IVS Seamless Auxiliary Data Archive (SADA) and EVN Monitor
  Sergey Serzhanov et al. Modernization of the Subreflector Surface of the RT-32 Radio Telescopes
  Ulla Kallio et al. An Agile Method to Detect Deformations of the VLBI Dish
  Hideki Ujihara Development of Wideband Antennas
  Gino Tuccari et al. From BRAND to DBBC4
  Evgeny Nosov et al. Using the Multifunctional Digital Backend System on Radio Telescopes of Svetloe Observatory
Session 2. Observations, Operation and Correlation
  Ezequiel Albentosa et al. Current Status of the EU-VGOS Project
  Ahmad Jaradat et al. The Australian VGOS Observing Program
  Javier González et al. The Yebes Observatory and the Future VLBI Correlator for the RAEGE Network
  Tiege McCarthy et al. Australian VLBI Correlation Center
  Yoon Kyung Choi et al. Bonn Correlator Status
  Christian Plötz et al. VLBI Correlator Wettzell -- A New IVS Component
  Lim Chin Chuan et al. Monitoring Source Flux Density and Antenna Sensitivity with Improved Feedback for the AUSTRAL VLBI Sessions
  Mario Bérubé et al. Improving IVS Communication through a VLBI Communications Center
  Jim Lovell and Darryl Lakins Towards Automating Operations of SGP VGOS Stations
  Hayo Hase Alternative Frequency Setups for VGOS
  Bill Petrachenko et al. VGOS Technology R\&D Sessions
  Rebekka Handirk et al. Obtaining Local-Tie Vectors from Short-Baseline Interferometry
  Takaaki Jike et al. Quality Assessment of the Mizusawa Software and GPU Correlators
  Yuriy Vekshin et al. Optimal Signal Averaging Time in VLBI Sessions
  Anastasiia Girdiuk et al. IVS Data Center at BKG
  Taylor Yates et al. VLBI Data Ingest Improvements at NASA CDDIS
Session 3. Data Structures, Scheduling and Analysis Strategies
  Sergei Bolotin et al. Automatic Processing of INT Sessions with nuSolve
  Marina Gribanova and Elena Skurikhina The Application of the Rapid Data Observations of The Quasar VLBI Network in Order to Improve the Accuracy of the Universal Time Prediction
  Lisa Kern et al. Impact of the Source Selection and Scheduling Optimization on the Estimation of UT1-UTC in VLBI Intensive Sessions
  Dhiman Mondal et al. Quality Assessment of UT1-UTC (dUT1) Estimates Using VGOS Observations
  John Gipson et al. Evaluation of KOKEE12M-WETTZ13S VGOS Intensives
  Karen Baver et al. The First Year of KOKEE12M-WETTZ13S VGOS Intensive Scheduling: Status and Efforts Towards Improvement
  Matthias Glomsda et al. Comparison of Simultaneous VGOS and Legacy VLBI Sessions
  Tobias Nilsson et al. The Current and Future Performance of VGOS
  Esther Azcue et al. Analysis of VGOS Sessions: Evaluation of Performance with Different Software
  Sujata Dhar et al. Determining Favorable Locations for VGOS Establishment in India
  Glenda Coetzer et al. Digital Object Identifiers for the IVS
  Arnaud Collioud et al. Exploring Source Structure with the Bordeaux VLBI Image Database
  Axel Nothnagel et al. First Results of Project on Six-hourly EOP Piecewise Linear Offset Parameterization
  Matthias Schartner et al. VieSched++: Recent Developments and Lessons Learned from Two Years of Fully Automated Scheduling
  Sara Hardin A Comparison of VieSched++ Simulations with Observed VLBI Sessions
Session 4. Interpretation of VLBI Results in Geophysics, Geodesy and Astrometry
  Zuheir Altamimi et al. ITRF2020 and the IVS Contribution
  Hendrik Hellmers et al. Scale Evaluation of the ITRF2020 Solution
  Anastasiia Girdiuk et al. Changing from ITRF2014 to ITRF2020 in the Routine VLBI Analysis: First Investigations
  Rüdiger Haas et al. Assessment of Parameters Describing the Signal Delay in the Neutral Atmosphere Derived from VGOS Observations
  Christopher Dieck and Megan Johnson A New Wiggle in the Wobble? Uncovering Periodic Signals in Intensive Series
  José M. Ferrándiz et al. On the Prospects of Explaining and Modeling with Higher Accuracy the Precession-nutation from VLBI Solutions
  David Gordon et al. Current CRF Status at X/S and K Bands
  Phil Cigan et al. Three Years of ICRF3 Source Positions
  Lucas R. Hunt et al. Comparing Images of ICRF Sources at X-, K-, and Q-band
  Sébastien Lambert et al. Parsec-scale Jets in AGN: Insights into the Location of the Gamma-Ray Emission from Geodetic VLBI, Gaia EDR3, and Fermi-LAT
Session 5. Extending the Use of VLBI to Frame Ties, Deep Space Exploration and Other Areas
  David Schunck and Lucia McCallum Observing GPS Satellite Signals in L-Band with a Realistic Global VLBI Network: A Simulation Study
  Helene Wolf et al. Adjustment of Galileo Satellite Orbits with VLBI Observations: A Simulation Study
  Aletha de Witt et al. Sources with Significant Astrometric Offsets Between the S/X and K-band Celestial Frames
  Niu Liu et al. Evaluate the ICRF3 Axes' Stability via Extragalactic Source Position Time Series
  David Gordon et al. ICRF3 Position and Proper Motion of Sagittarius A* from VLBA Absolute Astrometry
  Ming Hui Xu et al. Astrometric Positions of Gravitational Lensed System 1422+231