Observing Program

2024 Master and Control Files

This page has links to files used in IVS coordination, analysis, scheduling, and Data Center maintenance. If you know of a file or link that would be useful on this page, please contact the Coordinating Center.

IVS Master Files
File Purpose Maintainer
master-format.txt master file format definition Dirk Behrend
media-key.txt key to media abbreviations Dirk Behrend
master2024.txt 2024 Master Schedule Cynthia Thomas
master2024-int.txt 2024 Intensive Schedule Cynthia Thomas
mediamaster2024.txt 2024 Master Schedule with Media Cynthia Thomas
Master 2024 2024 Master Schedule with links to session pages Dirk Behrend
Master Int 2024 2024 Intensive Schedule with links to session pages Dirk Behrend
table with all master file links
Control Files
ac-codes.txt analysis center codes and solution codes Dirk Behrend
ns-codes.txt station names and codes Dirk Behrend
Files Used by Analysis Systems
File Purpose Maintainer
antenna.dat station characteristics Sergei Bolotin
ECCDAT.ecc station eccentricities Sergei Bolotin
sitpl.dat station names and the tectonic plate on which they sit Sergei Bolotin
blokq.dat a priori station positions, source positions, ocean loading coefficients Sergei Bolotin
ut1ls.dat leap seconds Sergei Bolotin
usno_finals.erp a priori polar motion and UT
(only for use with the CALC/SOLVE analysis system)
Sergei Bolotin
antenna-info.txt antenna dimensions for thermal expansion models Axel Nothnagel
sked's Catalog Files
File Purpose Maintainer
sked's catalog files source, station, and equipment information used in geodetic scheduling John Gipson