Observing Program

Observing Program Committee (OPC)

The IVS Program Committee provided advice and review for the observing program set up by the Coordinating Center. The OPC meets monthly via telecon.

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OPC members:
Dirk Behrend, NVI, Inc./GSFC
Patrick Charlot, Bordeaux Observatory
Rüdiger Haas, Onsala Space Observatory
David Hall, USNO
Frank Lemoine, GSFC
Jamie McCallum, UTAS
Arthur Niell, Haystack
Christian Plötz, BKG
Chet Ruszczyk, Haystack
Fengchun Shu, SHAO
Elena Skurikhina, IAA
Yu Takagi, GSI
Cynthia Thomas, NVI, Inc./GSFC
Stuart Weston, Auckland University of Technology

The OPC developed a policy for submission of observing proposals that use IVS resources. The policy was approved by the IVS Directing Board.