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IVS Memoranda

Purpose. The IVS Memoranda represent a fast way to document IVS related developments. Everyone can request the posting of a memo. There is no formal review process or editing, but we reserve the right of declining a posting.

Submission. To request a memo posting send your material in PDF, DOC or WP format to Dirk Behrend. The preferred format is PDF as this is the format being used for the final posting. A titlepage will be prepended to the body of the text at the Coordinating Center, where the contents of the titlepage are: memo number (including version number), date, author(s), and title.

The date, author(s) and title information needs to be provided with the initial submission. If an updated version of an already existing memo is submitted, also the memo number needs to be given.

Current list. Please click on the title to view the memo you are interested in.

Number Title Author(s) Date
2022-001v01 FSLOG Analysis for VR2201 Bill Petrachenko 23FEB2022
2021-001v01 Details about Oe, Ow Tcal and CDMS Power Supply Failures Eskil Varenius 21DEC2021
2017-002v01 A Pilot Experiment of the GPS-VLBI Hybrid System Younghee Kwak, Jun Amagai, Johannes Böhm, Jungho Cho, Tadahiro Gotoh, Ryuichi Ichikawa, Tuhwan Kim, Tetsuro Kondo, Lucia Plank, Tetsuo Sasao, Mamoru Sekido, Hiroshi Takiguchi 25MAY2017
2017-001v02 Correlator Report Alessandra Bertarini, Ed Himwich, David Hall, Mike Titus 03MAR2017
2014-001v01 IVS Recommended Maser Timing Practices Roberto Ambrosini, Tom Clark, Brian Corey, Ed Himwich 29APR2014
2013-002v01 Mixed Mode (Broadband vs. S/X) Configuration Issues Bill Petrachenko 25NOV2013
2013-001v01 e-transfer Status at IVS Correlators Simone Bernhart, Jason SooHoo 23JUL2013
2012-001v01 Observations of ICRF2 Sources to Improve the Astrometry of the Future Radio-optical Transfer Sources Geraldine Bourda, Patrick Charlot 04MAY2012
2010-001v01 CONT08 - Intensive Tests Thomas Artz 18MAY2010
2009-003v02 VGOS Antenna Control Recommendations Ed Himwich, Brian Corey 04AUG2015
2009-002v01 Comparison of Results Using CONT05B versus CONT05A Databases Dan MacMillan 05MAR2009
2009-001v01 Some Results of Analysis of Source Position Time Series Zinovy Malkin 27JAN2009
2008-018v01 VLBI2010 Analysis Strategies Tested with the PPP Simulator Andrea Pany, Jörg Wresnik, Johannes Böhm 09SEP2008
2008-017v01 Towards Automated Data Analysis Zinovy Malkin 07Sep2008
2008-016v02 VLBI2010 Core Station Standard Zinovy Malkin 28JUL2009
2008-015v01 VLBI2010 Frequency Considerations Bill Petrachenko 27AUG2008
2008-014v01 VLBI2010 Digital Back End (DBE) Requirements Bill Petrachenko 26AUG2008
2008-013v01 Investigation of the Impact of Random Error Sources on Position Repeatability using the VLBI2010 PPP Simulator Andrea Pany, Jörg Wresnik, Johannes Böhm 14AUG2008
2008-012v01 Vienna VLBI2010 PPP Simulator Andrea Pany, Jörg Wresnik, Johannes Böhm 14AUG2008
2008-011v01 Sensitivity of VLBI2010 Simulations to Parameterization of Input Simulated Turbulence, Clock, and White Noise Dan MacMillan, Ruben Sharma 25JUL2008
2008-010v01 Comparisons of Observed and Simulated CONT05 Repeatabilities for Different Turbulence Cn Models Dan MacMillan 22JUL2008
2008-009v01 VLBI2010 Sensitivity and Data Storage Requirements Bill Petrachenko 15JUL2008
2008-008v01 VLBI2010 Antenna Slew Rate Considerations Bill Petrachenko 07JUL2008
2008-007v02 Impact of Turbulence Parameters on VLBI2010 Simulation Results with OCCAM Kalman Filter Jörg Wresnik, Andrea Pany, Johannes Böhm 15JUL2008
2008-006v01 Temperature Considerations for the VLBI2010 Station Requirements Zinovy Malkin 02JUL2008
2008-005v01 Performance of Broadband Delay (BBD) Sequences Bill Petrachenko 20JUN2008
2008-004v01 Evaluation of the new Cn values for the Turbulence Model with CONT05 Real Data Jörg Wresnik, Andrea Pany, Johannes Böhm 19JUN2008
2008-003v02 Validation of Mean Temperature Values as Provided by GPT Johannes Böhm, Robert Heinkelmann, Harald Schuh, Axel Nothnagel 27MAY2008
2008-002v01 Reference Pressure for the Global Geodetic Observing System GGOS Johannes Böhm, Harald Schuh, Paulo J. Mendes Cerveira, Robert Heinkelmann 27MAY2008
2008-001v01 Meteorological Sensor Data Files Arthur Niell 26FEB2008
2007-012v01 On the IVS2010 Transition Plan and Using of Old Antennas Zinovy Malkin 05NOV2007
2007-011v01 Notes on Antenna Polarization and VLBI Observables Brian Corey 12SEP2007
2007-010v01 Cut-off Elevation Angle and Baseline Length Repeatability Zinovy Malkin 08SEP2007
2007-009v01 Cut-off Elevation Angle and EOP Results Zinovy Malkin 23AUG2007
2007-008v01 VLBI2010 Source Map Alignment Simulation Bill Petrachenko, Mario Bérubé 22AUG2007
2007-007v01 A Proposed VLBI2010 Observing Scenario Bill Petrachenko 21AUG2007
2007-006v01 VLBI2010 Digital Processing Requirements Bill Petrachenko 31JUL2007
2007-005v01 Single Station Troposphere Delay Modeling Andrea Pany, Johannes Böhm 20JUN2007
2007-004v01 Comparison of OCCAM LSM & OCCAM Kalman Filter & CALC/SOLVE Jörg Wresnik, Johannes Böhm, Dan MacMillan 15JUN2007
2007-003v01 Baseline Length Repeatability Arthur Niell 08JUN2007
2007-002v01 CONT05 B Alessandra Bertarini, Brian Corey, Kerry Kingham, Alan Roy 09APR2007
2007-001v01 Simulation Networks - 1 Arthur Niell 01FEB2007
2006-022v01 VLBI2010 Antenna Specifications Bill Petrachenko 15NOV2006
2006-021v01 Preliminary Scheduling in 2010 Paradigm Anthony Searle 12SEP2006
2006-020v01 Number of Sources Arthur Niell 11SEP2006
2006-019v01 The Case For and Against Multiple Antennas at a Site Bill Petrachenko 01SEP2006
2006-018v01 Source Structure Examples Arthur Niell 29AUG2006
2006-017v01 Source Structure Simulation Arthur Niell 09AUG2006
2006-016v01 Performance Comparison between Traditional S/X and X/Ka Systems and a Broadband S-Ku System Bill Petrachenko 12JUL2006
2006-015v02 Simulation Studies at Goddard Dan MacMillan 25APR2006
2006-014v01 Some Notes on Broad-band Dual-Polarization Feeds Rüdiger Haas, Per-Simon Kildal 20MAR2006
2006-013v03 Simulations of Wet Zenith Delays and Clocks Johannes Böhm, Jörg Wresnik, Andrea Pany 04SEP2007
2006-012v01 Multiband Delay Error Arthur Niell, Brian Corey, Bill Petrachenko 02FEB2006
2006-011v01 A Monte Carlo Simulator for Geodetic VLBI Bill Petrachenko 16DEC2005
2006-010v03 V2C Simulations at IGG Vienna Jörg Wresnik, Johannes Böhm 07SEP2006
2006-009v01 Error Budget Arthur Niell 28NOV2005
2006-008v01 VLBI2010: Current and Future Requirements for Geodetic VLBI Systems Arthur Niell, Alan Whitney, Bill Petrachenko, Wolfgang Schlüter, Nancy Vandenberg, Hayo Hase, Yasuhiro Koyama, Chopo Ma, Harald Schuh, Gino Tuccari 16SEP2005
2006-007v01 IVS-WG3 Report on Data Archiving and Management—Data Longevity beyond 2010 Chopo Ma 08JUL2004
2006-006v01 IVS-WG3 Report on Data Analysis Harald Schuh et al. 12MAY2004
2006-005v01 IVS-WG3 Report on Correlation and Fringe Finding Yasuhiro Koyama, Tetsuro Kondo, Bill Petrachenko, Hans Hinteregger, Alan Whitney 24MAR2004
2006-004v01 IVS-WG3 Report on Data Transport Hans Hinteregger, Tetsuro Kondo, Yasuhiro Koyama, Alan Whitney 24MAR2004
2006-003v01 IVS-WG3 Report on the Backend System Gino Tuccari, Alan Whitney, Hans Hinteregger, Yasuhiro Koyama, Tetsuro Kondo 08JUL2004
2006-002v01 IVS-WG3 Report on RF/IF, Frequency, and Time Hayo Hase, Brian Corey, Yasuhiro Koyama, Dave Shaffer, Bill Petrachenko, Wolfgang Schlüter 08JUL2004
2006-001v01 IVS-WG3 Report on Observing Strategies Bill Petrachenko, Brian Corey, Ed Himwich, Chopo Ma, Zinovy Malkin, Arthur Niell, Dave Shaffer, Nancy Vandenberg 08JUL2004