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General Meeting Proceedings

This page has links to the electronic versions of the Proceedings volumes of the IVS General Meetings. A limited number of paper copies is left for most Proceedings volumes. If you are interested in a paper copy please contact the Coordinating Center.

Meeting Dates Location Country
GM2000 February 21-24, 2000 Kötzting Germany
GM2002 February 4-7, 2002 Tsukuba Japan
GM2004 February 9-11, 2004 Ottawa Canada
GM2006 January 9-11, 2006 Concepción Chile
GM2008 March 3-6, 2008 St. Petersburg Russia
GM2010 February 7-13, 2010 Hobart Australia
GM2012 March 4-9, 2012 Madrid Spain
GM2014 March 2-7, 2014 Shanghai China
GM2016 March 13-17, 2016 Johannesburg South Africa
GM2018 June 3-8, 2018 Longyearbyen Norway
GM2020 March 22-28, 2020 Annapolis, MD USA*
GM2022 March 28 - April 1, 2022 Helsinki Finland

* Cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic