IVS Publications and Presentations

IVS 2012 General Meeting Proceedings

“Launching the Next-Generation IVS Network”

Edited by Dirk Behrend and Karen D. Baver


December 2012

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Session Authors Title
1. The Next-Generation IVS Network and VLBI2010 Technology Developments
  Christopher Beaudoin et al. RF Compatibility of VLBI with DORIS and SLR at GGOSStations: an Experimental Methodology to Validate the Models
  Hayo Hase et al. The Emerging VGOS Network of the IVS
  Arthur Niell et al. First Broadband Results with a VLBI2010 System
  Yoshihiro Fukuzaki et al. New Project for Constructing a VLBI2010 Antenna in Japan
  Chopo Ma VLBI2010 in NASA's Space Geodesy Project
  Jing Sun et al. New Observing Strategies with Twin Telescopes for Geodetic VLBI
  Judith Leek et al. Prospects of IVS-Intensive Sessions with Twin Telescopes
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. Two Weeks of Continuous Remote Attendance during CONT11
  Bill Petrachenko VLBI2010: Progress and Challenges
  Arnaud Collioud, Patrick Charlot VLBI2010 Imaging and Structure Correction Impact
  Christopher Beaudoin et al. VLBI2010 and the Westford Station - The Path Forward
  Hideki Ujihara, Ryuichi Ichikawa Development of Wide Band Feeds
  Felix Tercero et al. S/X/Ka Coaxial Feed for the Tri-band of the RAEGE Antennas
  Jose A. Lopez-Perez et al. A Tri-band Cryogenic Receiver for the RAEGE Project Antennas
  K. Takefuji et al. Study of an RF Direct Sampling Technique for Geodetic VLBI
  Gino Tuccari DBBC3 - A Full Digital Implementation of the VLBI2010 Backend
  Chester Ruszczyk et al. VLBI2010 using the RDBE and Mark 5C
  Alan Whitney, David Lapsley Mark 6 Next-Generation VLBI Data System
  Tomoaki Oyama et al. New VLBI Observing System `OCTAVE-Family' to Support VDIF Speci cations with 10 GigE for VERA, JVN, and Japanese e-VLBI (OCTAVE)
  Yusuke Kono et al. Real-time VLBI Network with 10GbE Connection, OCTAVE
  Zheng Weimin et al. e-VLBI Applications of Chinese VLBI Network
2. Correlators, Stations and Operations Centers
  Kensuke Kokado et al. Recent Activities of Tsukuba Correlator/Analysis Center
  Simone Bernhart, Arno Mueskens E-transfer at the Bonn Correlator
  K. U. Schreiber et al. Improving VLBI Station Performance
  Martin Ettl et al. e-RemoteCtrl: Concepts for VLBI Station Control as Part of NEXPReS
  Hiroshi Takiguchi et al. Warkworth Geodetic Station as a Potential GGOS Core Site in New Zealand
  Sangoh Yi et al. Korea Geodetic VLBI Station Sejong
  Felipe Pedreros et al. Beam Pattern Characterization of the 6-M TIGO Telescope
  Alvaro Santamaria-Gomez et al. Estimation of the Invariant Reference Point: First Steps at Yebes
  Susana Garcia-Espada, Alvaro Santamaria-Gomez Tying VLBI and GPS Terrestrial Frames: Case Study at Yebes Observatory
  Andrey Finkelstein et al. Co-location of Space Geodetic Instruments at the "Quasar" VLBI Network Observatories
  Ryuichi Ichikawa et al. MARBLE (Multiple Antenna Radio-interferometry for Baseline Length Evaluation): Development of a Compact VLBI System for Calibrating GNSS and Electronic Distance Measurement Devices
  Cynthia C. Thomas et al. Network Determination and Timeliness of the Rapid Sessions
  C. Garcia-Miro et al. VLBI Data Acquisition Terminal Modernization at the Deep Space Network
  Jim Lovell et al. The AuScope VLBI Array
  Andrey Finkelstein et al. EOP Determination from Domestic Observations of the Russian VLBI Network "QUASAR"
  Dirk Behrend et al. Organization, Correlation, and First Results of CONT11
  Jamie McCallum et al. Remote Operation and Performance of the AuScope VLBI Array
  C. S. Jacobs et al. The Potential for a Ka-band (32 GHz) Worldwide VLBI Network
  Li Liu, Jingling Li Simulation Analysis of Positioning for Probes in Chinese CE-3 Mission
3. Advances in Software Development, Analysis Strategies and Data Structure
  Alexander Neidhardt, Martin Ettl Ideas for a Cooperative Software Development for Future GGOS Stations
  John Gipson IVS Working Group 4: VLBI Data Structures
  Sergei Bolotin et al. The First Release of vSolve
  Martin Ettl et al. Continuous Software Integration and Quality Control during Software Development
  A. Romero-Wolf et al. Effects of Tropospheric Spatio-temporal Correlated Noise on the Analysis of Space Geodetic Data
  Nataliya Zubko et al. Analysis of VLBI Data with Different Stochastic Models
  Johanna Juhl et al. Improving VLBI Processing by using Homogeneous Data for Pressure and Temperature
  Matthias Madzak et al. Universal Time from VLBI Intensives with Ray-traced Delays
  Karen Baver et al. Assessment of the First Use of the Uniform Sky Strategy in Scheduling the Operational IVS-INT01 Sessions
  David Gordon et al. RDV Processing using Fourfit
  Sabine Bachmann, Michael Losler IVS Combination Center at BKG - Recent Activities
  Sabine Bachmann, Michael Losler IVS Combination Center at BKG - Robust Outlier Detection and Weighting Strategies
  Vincenza Tornatore et al. European Sessions and Datum Definitions
  Thomas Artz et al. VLBI Intensive Sessions Revisited
  Minttu Uunila et al. Automated Analysis of dUT1 from IVS Intensive Sessions with VieVS
  Cristian Herrera Ruztort et al. Remote Control and Monitoring of VLBI Experiments by Smartphones
  Lucia Plank et al. Processing SELENE Differential VLBI Data
  Younghee Kwak et al. Baseline Analysis of 24-hour GPS-VLBI Hybrid Observation
  Chaozheng Li, Weimin Zheng Processing DOR Signal using Chirp-z Transform Correlator
4. Results in Geodesy, Astrometry and Geophysics and Their Interpretation
  Johannes Boehm et al. Challenges and Perspectives for TRF and CRF Determination
  Manuela Seitz et al. Consistent Realization of ITRS and ICRS
  Mathis Blossfeld, Manuela Seitz The Role of VLBI in the Weekly Inter-Technique Combination
  Claudia Tierno Ros et al. Vienna SAC-SOS: Analysis of the European VLBI Sessions
  Stanislav Shabala et al. Quasar Structure Effects on the VLBI Reference Frame: The Case of 1144 - 379
  Geraldine Bourda et al. Towards an Accurate Alignment of the VLBI Frame and the Future Gaia Optical Frame: Global VLBI Imaging Observations of a Sample of Candidate Sources for this Alignment
  Yulia Sokolova, Zinovy Malkin Impact of Covariance Information on the Orientation Parameters Between Radio Source Position Catalogs
  S. Horiuchi et al. 32 GHz Celestial Reference Frame Survey for Dec. < - 45 Degrees
  C. Garcia-Miro et al. The X/Ka-band Extragalactic Reference Frame
  Minghui Xu et al. The Acceleration of the Solar System Barycenter Determined by Very Long Baseline Interferometry
  Ludwig Combrinck A Comparison of General Relativity Theory Evaluations using VLBI and SLR: Will GGOS Improve These Results?
  Veronique Dehant et al. Recent Advances in Applications of Geodetic VLBI to Geophysics
  Sebastien Lambert et al. A Search for the Free Inner Core Nutation in VLBI Data
  Zinovy Malkin Celestial Pole Offsets: From Initial Analysis to End User
  Karine Le Bail et al. Regularization of Nutation Time Series at GSFC
  Natalia Miller, Zinovy Malkin Joint Analysis of the Polar Motion and Celestial Pole Offset Time Series
  Tobias Nilsson et al. High Frequency Earth Rotation Parameters Estimated from the CONT Campaigns
  Minttu Uunila et al. Influence of Source Constellations on UT1 Derived from IVS INT1 Sessions
  Minttu Uunila et al. Comparison of UT1 and Polar Motion from IVS Sessions Derived from VieVS and Solve Analysis
  Hana Krasna et al. Solid Earth Tide Parameters from VLBI Measurements and FCN Analysis
  Gunnar Elgered et al. Assessing the Quality of Water Vapor Radiometer Data from Onsala during the CONT11 Geodetic VLBI Campaign
  David Eriksson, Dan MacMillan Continental Hydrology Loading Observed by VLBI Measurements
  Halfdan Pascal Kierulf, Ove Omang Past and Present-day Ice Mass Variation on Svalbard Revealed by Superconducting Gravimeter, GPS and VLBI Measurements
  Rudiger Haas et al. VLBI and GNSS Frequency Link Instabilities during CONT Campaigns
5. VLBI Analysis and Results from the Recent Megaquakes in Japan and Chile
  Shinobu Kurihara et al. The Impact of the 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake on the Tsukuba 32-m VLBI Station
  Dan MacMillan et al. Effects of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake on VLBI Geodetic Measurements
  Niko Kareinen, Minttu Uunila Determination of Tsukuba VLBI Station post-Tohoku Earthquake Coordinates using VieVS
  Takaaki Jike et al. Movement of the 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake Detected by VERA Geophysical Observations