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VGOS Project Executive Group (VPEG)

Many ongoing VGOS developments are executed at different places inside and outside of the IVS world. The developments include new radio telescopes, new feeds and receivers, new observation modes, new observation spectra, new processing software for correlation and post-processing, and a new data archiving format. Currently, these activities are carried out by the different stakeholders of the IVS in a loosely organized manner.

Recognizing that these processes need to be better coordinated, the IVS Directing Board established a VGOS Project Executive Group (VPEG) [formerly known as VLBI2010 Project Executive Group (V2PEG)] at its meeting in Bordeaux on March 23, 2009. In addition to its organizational function, the VPEG functinos as the focal point for gathering and disseminating information about VLBI2010 and for promoting the new system.

As its first action the VPEG collected information about the various VGOS activities. The resulting matrix made it possible to track developments for completeness and timeliness hence ensuring that VGOS efforts proceed in a convergent manner. The first major milestone will be the coordination of a VGOS demonstration session tentatively scheduled for spring 2012. Ultimately, when the development phase is complete, the group will guide the deployment of next generation systems and the transition to full VGOS operations. This, of course, will be a major challenge for the entire IVS.

One important goal of VGOS is to expand the network of next generation VLBI stations in order to obtain global, homogeneous coverage. The VGOS radio telescopes should be erected at current sites but also at new sites possibly requiring new host organizations. The accompanying promotional task is very important for the success of the new system and is thus considered a vital part of the VPEG work. For this task the VPEG will draw upon the Progress Report of the VLBI2010 Committee as an excellent tool.

V2C Progress Report cover

The VPEG consists of Hayo Hase (chair), Dirk Behrend, Chopo Ma, Arthur Niell, Axel Nothnagel, Bill Petrachenko, and Xiuzhong Zhang. Any of the members can be contacted with questions regarding the VGOS project. An e-mail exploder list has been set up under the address ivs-vpeg@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov.