Technology Development Centers

Functions of Technology Development Centers in the IVS Terms of Reference

Country IVS Component Name (link to recent Annual Report) Primary Contact Sponsoring Organization Primary Activity
Canada Canadian VLBI Technology Development Center Bill Petrachenko NRCan, DRAO Coordinate realization of the VGOS system.
Japan National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Mamoru Sekido National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Develop hardware (data recorder, backend system, correlator, realtime VLBI system, receiver system); develop software (analysis software, FS K-4 support); research (WVR, co-location with GPS and SLR, pulsar observations).
Russia Institute of Applied Astronomy Technology Development Center Alexander Ipatov Institute of Applied Astronomy Development for Quasar network: radiotelescope dishes, time service, receivers, video converters, etc.
Spain IGN Yebes Observatory Jose Antonio Lopez-Fernandez Instituto Geografico Nacional Design of new hardware such as LNAs, feeds and reflectors, and cryogenic receivers. Develop new software for remote control of radio telescopes.
Sweden Onsala Space Observatory Gunnar Elgered Chalmers University of Technology Operation of a microwave radiometer for studies of the wet propagation delay; development of new feeds; study common error sources in VLBI and GPS.
USA Goddard Space Flight Center Ed Himwich NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Develop and maintain scheduling, field, and station software; develop timing systems; develop procedures and techniques; training and evaluation of stations.
USA Haystack Observatory Arthur Niell Haystack Observatory and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Development of Mark 5, Mark 6, and e-VLBI systems.