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Committees: VGOS Technical Committee

Purpose The primary function of the VGOS Technical Committee (formerly VLBI2010 Committee) is to promote and guide research into the improvement of the "technique" of geodetic VLBI. The committee takes an integrated view of VLBI and evaluates the effectiveness of proposed system changes based on the degree to which they improve IVSís final products. In addition, the committee takes responsibility for encouraging the implementation of the recommendations of WG3.

The VGOS Technical Committee typically gains understanding of the effectiveness of new hardware, software, strategies, etc through the use of combinations of the following approaches:

  • Analytic studies
  • Simulations
  • Prototyping
  • R&D experiments
  • Re-analysis or interpretation of previous campaigns or global data sets
  • Inter-technique co-location studies

Over time, the VGOS Technical Committee will develop and maintain outputs, such as

  • A list of all known error sources (along with their size, effect, and characterization)
  • A list of strategies for reducing all known error sources
  • A prioritized list of actions required to improve the technique
  • A list of all standard interfaces needed to achieve system-wide compatibility
  • Standardized specifications for each system component
  • Publicly available software, e.g. to carry out simulations

Ongoing activities will include

  • The establishment and maintenance of a memo series
  • Monthly telecons (with splinter telecons as required)
  • Face-to-face meetings (scheduled at convenient times such as the IVS GM)

Face-to-face meetings

  • First VLBI2010 Working Meeting: 15 September 2006, MIT Haystack Observatory, USA [meeting info with discussion papers]
  • Second VLBI2010 Working Meeting: 15 April 2007, Vienna, Austria
  • Third VLBI2010 Working Meeting: 14 September 2007, University of Bonn, Germany [some meeting info]
  • VLBI2010 Workshop on Future Radio Frequencies and Feeds: 18-20 March 2009, Wettzell/Hoellenstein, Germany [meeting info with presentations]



Committee Members
Gino Tuccari (Chair), INAF/IRA
Dirk Behrend (ex officio), NVI, Inc./GSFC
Johannes Böhm, TU Vienna
Arnaud Collioud, Bordeaux Observatory
Brian Corey, MIT Haystack Observatory
John Gipson, NVI, Inc./GSFC
Rüdiger Haas, Onsala Space Observatory
Yasuhiro Koyama, NICT
Dan MacMillan, NVI, Inc./GSFC
Zinovy Malkin, Pulkovo Observatory
Arthur Niell, MIT Haystack Observatory
Bill Petrachenko NRCan

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The charter for the committee was accepted at the September 12, 2005 Directing Board meeting.