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IVS 2010 General Meeting Proceedings

“VLBI2010: From Vision to Reality”

Edited by Dirk Behrend and Karen D. Baver


December 2010

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Session Authors Title
1. Realization and New Perspectives of VLBI2010
  Bill Petrachenko VLBI2010: An Overview
  Richard Porcas VLBI2010: The Astro-Geo Connection
  Brian Corey Differences Between VLBI2010 and S/X Hardware
  Niell et al. The NASA VLBI2010 Proof-of-concept Demonstration and Future Plans
  Gino Tuccari et al. DBBC VLBI2010
  Hayo Hase et al. Differences Between S/X and VLBI2010 Operation
  Christopher Beaudoin, Arthur Niell Post-correlation Processing for the VLBI2010 Proof-of-concept System
  Thomas Hobiger et al. GPU Based Software Correlators – Perspectives for VLBI2010
  Arnaud Collioud, Patrick Charlot VLBI2010 Imaging and Structure Corrections
  Jim Lovell et al. The AuScope Project and Trans-Tasman VLBI
  Atsutoshi Ishii et al. Current Status of the Development of a Transportable and Compact VLBI System by NICT and GSI
  Oleg Titov VLBI2020: From Reality to Vision
  John Dickey How and Why to Do VLBI on GPS
  Vincenza Tornatore et al. Planning of an Experiment for VLBI Tracking of GNSS Satellites
2. Network Stations, Operation Centers, Correlators
  John Gipson An Introduction to Sked
  Cynthia Thomas et al. The Composition of the Master Schedule
  John Gipson et al. Coordinating, Scheduling, Processing and Analyzing IYA09
  Hyunhee Ju et al. The State and Development Direction of the Geodetic VLBI Station in Korea
  Jesús Gómez González et al. RAEGE: An Atlantic Network of Geodynamical Fundamental Stations
  Andrey Finkelstein et al. The New Generation Russian VLBI Network
  Line Langkaas et al. New Fundamental Station in Ny-Ålesund
  Sergei Gulyaev et al. Characterization and Calibration of the 12-m Antenna in Warkworth, New Zealand
  Rüdiger Haas, Sten Bergstrand COLD MAGICS – Continuous Local Deformation Monitoring of an Arctic Geodetic Fundamental Station
  Axel Nothnagel et al. Homologous Deformation of the Effelsberg 100-m Telescope Determined with a Total Station
  Li Liu et al. Analysis of the GPS Observations of the Site Survey at Sheshan 25-m Radio Telescope in August 2008
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. Permanent Monitoring of the Reference Point of the 20m Radio Telescope Wettzell
  Benno Schmeing et al. Proof-of-Concept Studies for a Local Tie Monitoring System
  Shigeru Matsuzaka et al. Ultra-rapid dUT1 Measurements on Japan-Fennoscandian Baselines – Application to 24-hour Sessions
  Andrey Finkelstein et al. The “Quasar” Network Observations in e-VLBI Mode Within the Russian Domestic VLBI Programs
  Alan Fey et al. Implementation and Testing of VLBI Software Correlation at the USNO
  Weimin Zheng et al. The Software Correlator of the Chinese VLBI Network
  David Gordon RDV77 VLBA Hardware/Software Correlator Comparisons
  Igor Surkis et al. The IAA RAS Correlator First Results
  Guifré Molera Calvés et al. First Results of Venus Express Spacecraft Observations with Wettzell
  Oleg Titov et al. CRF Network Simulations for the South
  Gennady Il’in et al. About the Compatibility of DORIS and VLBI Observations
3. VLBI Data Structure, Analysis Strategies and Software
  John Gipson IVS Working Group 4: VLBI Data Structures
  Alan Whitney et al. VLBI Data Interchange Format (VDIF)
  Sergei Bolotin et al. Development of a New VLBI Data Analysis Software
  Hana Spicakova et al. Estimation of Geodetic and Geodynamical Parameters with VieVS
  Halfdan Kierulf et al. VLBI Analysis with the Multi-technique Software GEOSAT
  Thomas Hobiger et al. c5++ – Multi-technique Analysis Software for Next Generation Geodetic Instruments
  Lucia Plank et al. Comparison Campaign of VLBI Data Analysis Software – First Results
  Sarah Böckmann et al. Correlations Between the Contributions of Individual IVS Analysis Centers
  Dan MacMillan et al. VLBI-SLR Combination Solution Using GEODYN
  Susana García-Espada et al. Application of Raytracing through the High Resolution Numerical Weather Model HIRLAM for the Analysis of European VLBI
  Ryuichi Ichikawa et al. Atmospheric Delay Reduction Using KARAT for GPS Analysis and Implications for VLBI
  David Gordon Use of GPS TEC Maps for Calibrating Single Band VLBI Sessions
  Sergey Kurdubov, Elena Skurikhina Antenna Axis Offset Estimation from VLBI
  Johannes Böhm et al. Prospects for UT1 Measurements from VLBI Intensive Sessions
  Karen Baver, John Gipson Strategies for Improving the IVS-INT01 UT1 Estimates
  Zinovy Malkin CPO Prediction: Accuracy Assessment and Impact on UT1 Intensive Results
  Masachika Kijima Application of Geodetic VLBI Data to Obtaining Long-term Light Curves for Astrophysics
4. Interpretation of VLBI Results in Geodesy, Astrometry and Geophysics
  Chopo Ma The Second International Celestial Reference Frame (ICRF2)
  Karine Le Bail, David Gordon Time-dependent Selection of an Optimal Set of Sources to Define a Stable Celestial Reference Frame
  Chris Jacobs et al. X/Ka Celestial Frame Improvements: Vision to Reality
  Vladimir Zharov et al. Long-term Variations of the EOP and ICRF2
  Gerald Engelhardt, Volkmar Thorandt Long-term Stability of Radio Sources in VLBI Analysis
  Ed Fomalont et al. The Position/Structure Stability of Four ICRF2 Sources
  Chris Jacobs et al. Rotational Alignment Altered by Source Position Correlations
  Géraldine Bourda et al. Global VLBI Observations of Weak Extragalactic Radio Sources: Imaging Candidates to Align the VLBI and Gaia Frames
  María Rioja, Richard Dodson Astrometric “Core-shifts” at the Highest Frequencies
  Victor L’vov et al. Forthcoming Occultations of Astrometric Radio Sources by Planets
  Hayley Bignall et al. Finding Extremely Compact Sources Using the ASKAP VAST Survey
  Younghee Kwak et al. The First Experiment with VLBI-GPS Hybrid System
  Li Guo et al. Ionospheric Response to the Total Solar Eclipse of 22 July 2009 as Deduced from VLBI and GPS Data
  Robert Heinkelmann, Christian Schwatke The Tropospheric Products of the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry
  Joel Botai et al. Extracting Independent Local Oscillatory Geophysical Signals by Geodetic Tropospheric Delay
  Thomas Artz et al. Reliability and Stability of VLBI-derived Sub-daily EOP Models
  Ulla Kallio, Markku Poutanen Simulation of Local Tie Accuracy on VLBI Antennas
  Carsten Rieck et al. VLBI and GPS-based Time-transfer Using CONT08 Data
5. Progress in Technology Development
  Alan Whitney et al. The Mark 5C VLBI Data System
  Kazuhiro Takefuji et al. Next-generation A/D Sampler ADS3000+ for VLBI2010
  Xiuzhong Zhang et al. VLBI Technology Development at SHAO
  Renjie Zhu et al. The Progress of CDAS
  Gino Tuccari et al. DBBC2 Backend: Status and Development Plan
  Arthur Niell et al. RDBE Development and Progress
  Leonid Fedotov et al. The Digital Data Acquisition System for the Russian VLBI Network of New Generation
  Se-Jin Oh et al. First Phase Development of Korea-Japan Joint VLBI Correlator and Its Current Progress
  Mamoru Sekido et al. Development of an e-VLBI Data Transport Software Suite with VDIF
  Miroslav Pantaleev et al. Cryogenic Integration of the 2–14 GHz Eleven Feed in a Wideband Receiver for VLBI2010
  Christopher Beaudoin et al. Development of a Compact Eleven Feed Cryostat for the Patriot 12-m Antenna System
  Alexander Ipatov et al. Radio Telescope Focal Container for the Russian VLBI Network of New Generation
  Dmitrij Ivanov et al. Experiment of Injecting Phase Cal Ahead of the Feed: First Results
  Bill Petrachenko The Impact of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) on VLBI2010
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. E-control: First Public Release of Remote Control Software for VLBI Telescopes
  Martin Ettl et al. The Wettzell System Monitoring Concept and First Realizations
  Hongjong Oh et al. Round-trip System Available to Measure Path Length Variation in Korea VLBI System for Geodesy