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IVS 2018 General Meeting Proceedings

"Global Geodesy and the Role of VGOS – Fundamental to Sustainable Development"

Edited by Kyla L. Armstrong, Karen D. Baver, and Dirk Behrend



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Session Authors Title
  Dirk Behrend et al. Preface
Session 1. Building the VGOS Network
  Pablo de Vicente et al. The Status of RAEGE
  Weimin Zheng et al. Technical Progress of the Chinese VLBI Network
  Evgeny Nosov et al. Extending ``Quasar" VLBI-Network: VGOS-compatible Radio Telescope in Svetloe
  Rüdiger Haas Status of the Onsala Twin Telescopes – One Year After the Inauguration
  Nataliya Zubko et al. Progress and Current Status of the VGOS Project at the Metsähovi Geodetic Research Station
  Philip Mey and Roelf Botha Building the New VGOS Radio Telescope at Hartebeesthoek as Part of Our New Geodetic Infrastructure
  Cornelia Eschelbach et al. Extension and Optimization of the Local Geodetic Network at the Onsala Space Observatory
  Vincenza Tornatore et al. VGOS Wideband Reception and Emerging Competitor Occupations of the VLBI Spectrum
  Jonas Flygare et al. Design Trade-offs in Feed Systems for Ultra-wideband VLBI Observations
  Jonas Flygare et al. Ultra-wideband Feed Systems for the EVN and SKA - Evaluated for VGOS
  Gino Tuccari et al. New Observing Modes for DBBC3
  Guifré Molera Calvés et al. Initial Results from the MIKES-Metsähovi Time and Frequency Link for the VGOS Radio Telescope
Session 2. VGOS Technique and Observations
  Kazuhiro Takefuji et al. Development of a Wide Bandwidth VLBI System at Kashima
  Takahiro Wakasugi et al. Current Status of VGOS Observation with Ishioka VLBI Station
  Takaaki Jike et al. Current Results of the VERA K/Q-band Fringe Survey: Performance of the 8-Gbps Recording System and its Effectiveness
  Matthias Schartner and Johannes Böhm VieSched++: A new Scheduling Tool in VieVS
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. The ``Smart Observatory" for Autonomous and Remote Observations
  Alexander Neidhardt Communication, Coordination, and Automation for Future Geodetic Infrastructures
  Alexander Neidhardt A New Generation of Wettzell's Remote Access to the NASA Field System using Web-based Techniques
  Simin Salarpour et al. Investigating Quasar Structure in VGOS with Simulations
Session 3. Legacy S/X and Mixed Legacy/VGOS Operations
  Dirk Behrend et al. Organizing the Continuous VLBI Campaign 2017 (CONT17)
  Apurva Phogat et al. Implementation and First Results of the Local Wettzell VLBI Correlator GOWL
  Laura La Porta et al. The Bonn Correlator: Status Report
  Jakob Gruber et al. VLBI Correlation Activities at TU Wien
  Francisco Colomer et al. Geodetic Capabilities at the JIVE SFXC Correlator
  Andrew Sargent et al. Washington Correlator Status 2018
  Jamie McCallum and Lucia McCallum An S/X Compatible VGOS System for the AuScope Array
  Megan Johnson et al. Half the Time: An Overview of the LBO-USNO Timeshare Agreement
  Lucia McCallum et al. Current Activities and Plans of the AOV - Asia-Oceania VLBI Group
  Torben Schüler et al. BKG CVC - The Central VLBI Observation Coordination Office of the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy at the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell
  Torben Schüler et al. LEVIKA SBA – Wettzell Radio-Telescope Positioning With a Tailor-Made Analysis Software
  Cristoph Bürkel et al. Comparison of the Masers at the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell
  Torben Schüler et al. Local Radio Telescope Ties from the Wettzell Precision Engineering Surveying Network
  Marisa Nickola et al. Antenna Parameters and Local Tie between HartRAO 15-m and 26-m Antennas
Session 4. VLBI Core Products and Their Improvements
  Daniel MacMillan et al. Galactic Aberration in VLBI Analysis: Findings of IVS WG8
  David Mayer et al. The Effect of Galactic Aberration on the CRF
  Karine Le Bail and David Gordon Effect of VLBI Observation Network on Source Stability
  César Gattano and Patrick Charlot Insight into Astrophysical Phenomena from VLBI Source Position Instabilities
  César Gattano et al. Realization of Celestial Reference Frames using the Allan Variance Classification
  Aletha de Witt et al. Improving the S/X Celestial Reference Frame in the South
  Matthias Glomsda et al. New VLBI Solutions at Analysis Center DGFI-TUM
  Geir Arne Hjelle et al. Making Where Available to the Community
  Sebastien Lambert et al. Measurement of Earth's Nutation by VLBI: Direct Estimates from VLBI Delays and a Discussion on the Error
  Karen Baver and John Gipson UT1 Formal Error from the BA 50 Balanced Scheduling Strategy INT01 R&Ds
  Johannes Böhm et al. European Intensive Sessions for the Estimation of UT1
  Nicole Geiger et al. Intensifying the Intensives with the VLBA
  Christopher Dieck et al. Navigating Across the C-band: Experimental C-band Intensives with the VLBA
  Cynthia Thomas et al. Performance of the Operational IVS-R1 and IVS-R4 Sessions
  Esther Azcue et al. Initial VLBI Data Analyses at the National Geographic Institute of Spain
  Ann-Silje Kirkvik et al. NMA Analysis Center – Progress Report
  Thomas Klügel et al. A Comprehensive Data Set of the State of the Atmosphere Around the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell During the CONT17 Campaign
  Ryuichi Ichikawa et al. Half-year Comparison of Precipitable Water Vapor Retrieved with Novel Ground-based Microwave Radiometer and GPS Receiver at Tsukuba and Numerical Weather Analysis Data
  Swetlana Mähler et al. Permanent Reference Point Monitoring of the TWIN Radio Telescopes at the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell
Session 5. Extending the Scope of VLBI Usage/Applications
  Andreas Hellerschmied et al. Observing the APOD Satellite with the AuScope VLBI Network
  Yann Ziegler et al. Toward Reliable Estimates of the Free Core and Inner Core Parameters from a Bayesian Inversion of VLBI and Gravimetric Data
  Iván Herrera Pinzón et al. Analysis of the Short VLBI Baseline at the Wettzell Observatory
  Monia Negusini et al. Comparing Remote Atomic Clocks via VLBI Networks and Fiber Optic Links: the LIFT/MetGeSp Perspective
  Dhiman Mondal et al. A GPS-Based Study to Improve the Accuracy of Local Geodetic Ties at Co-located Sites that Exploits Small-Scale Atmospheric Structure
  Ryuichi Ichikawa et al. Comparison of Processing Strategy for Time and Frequency Transfer Using GNSS