About IVS

Coordinating Center

The IVS Coordinating Center coordinates the day-to-day and long-term activities of IVS.

Recent activities of the Coordinating Center are described in the Biennial Report for 2019-20.

From the Terms of Reference:

    The IVS Coordinating Center is responsible for coordination of both the day-to-day and the long-term activities of IVS, consistent with the directives and policies established by the Directing Board. Specifically, the Coordinating Center monitors, coordinates, and supports the activities of the Network Stations, Operation Centers, Correlators, Data Centers, Analysis Centers, and Technology Development Centers. The Coordinating Center works closely with the Technology Coordinator, the Network Coordinator, and the Analysis Coordinator to coordinate all IVS activities.

    The primary functions of the Coordinating Center are to:

    • coordinate observing programs approved by the Directing Board,
    • maintain the master schedule of observing sessions, coordinating the schedule with astronomical observing programs and with IVS networks,
    • foster communications among all components of the IVS,
    • define the best use of community resources,
    • develop standards for IVS components,
    • provide training in VLBI techniques,
    • organize workshops and meetings, including an annual IVS technical meeting,
    • produce and publish reports of activities of IVS components,
    • maintain the IVS information system and archive all documents, standards, specifications, manuals, reports, and publications,
    • provide liaison with the IERS, IAG, IAU, and other organizations,
    • provide the Secretariat of the Directing Board.