About IVS

IVS Organization: Overview

The goals of IVS are realized through seven types of components. The structure of IVS and the interaction among the various components and external organizations is shown in the diagram below. Clicking on a portion of the figure links to the component, coordinator, or organization.

International Association of Geodesy home page International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service home page International Astronomical Union home page Directing Board Network Stations list Network Coordinator's page Coordinating Center page Technology Development Centers list Technology Coordinator: Alan Whitney Operation Centers list Analysis Centers list Data  Centers list Analysis Coordinator's page Correlators list IVS Products IVS organization diagram (IVS_flow.jpg, 3300x2550, 1.5 Mb)

In addition to its components, IVS has the following:

  • The Directing Board determines policies, standards, and goals. The Board is composed of elected, appointed, and ex officio members.
  • Associate Members are individuals participating in the work of any of the IVS components.
  • Corresponding Members are individuals who want to be informed of IVS activities.
  • The Network Coordinator is responsible for station data quality and performance standards.
  • The Analysis Coordinator is responsible for VLBI product development and delivery.
  • The Technology Coordinator is responsible for VLBI technique advancement and system compatibility.