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IVS Organization: Components

Clicking on the symbol for a component will bring up the recent Annual Report for that component. Click on the component type in the map key for a complete list of any type of components. Individual pages for each component are planned for a future web site upgrade.

High resolution downloadable versions of the IVS component map are also available.

The other IVS map available is the Network Stations and cooperating stations map.


Ny Alesund Network Station Gilmore Creek Network Station Yellowknife Network Station Onsala Technology Development Center Onsala Analysis Center FFI Technology Development Center FFI Analysis Center Svetloe Network Station St. Petersburg University Analysis Center Institute of Applied Astronomy Analysis Center Analysis Centers Technology Development Centers Coordinating Center O'Higgins Network Station Syowa Network Station TIGO Network Station Hartebeesthoek Network Station Fortaleza Network Station Kokee Park Network Station Jet Propulsion Laboratory Analysis Center Data Centers Correlators Operation Centers Network Stations Institute for Applied Astronomy Correlator Main Astronomical Observatory Kiev Analysis Center Nanshan Network Station Institute of Applied Astronomy Technology Development Center Seshan Network Station Shanghai Analysis Center Coordinating Center Canadian VLBI Technology Development Center Algonquin Network Station Westford Network Station Noto Network Station GGAO Network Station Washington Correlator NEOS Operation Center USNO Analysis Center USNO Source Structure Analysis Center CDDIS Data Center GSFC Technology Development Center CORE Operation Center GSFC Analysis Center Haystack Analysis Center Haystack Correlator Haystack Technology Development Center Bonn Operation Center BKG/GIUB Correlator BKG/GIUB Analysis Center Paris Observatory Data Center Paris Observatory Analysis Center Hobart Network Station Geoscience Australia Analysis Center Bordeaux Observatory Analysis Center Yebes Network Station Matera Data Center CGS Matera Analysis Center Simeiz Network Station Vienna Analysis Center Italy CNR Data Center DGFI Analysis Center Wettzell Network Station Medicina Network Station CNR Analysis Center Onsala Network Station BKG Leipzig Data Center Tsukuba Correlator Misuzawa Network Station Mizusawa Analysis Center Tsukuba Network Station Keystone Network Stations Kashima Network Station NICT Analysis Center NICT Correlator NICT Data Center NICT Technology Development Center Matera Network Station

Downloadable versions of this map are available with the following links: