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Working Groups: IVS Working Group on VLBI2010

Purpose The VLBI2010 Working Group will examine current and future requirements for VLBI geodetic systems, including all components from antenna to analysis, and produce a report with recommendations for a new generation of systems. The charter for WG3 was accepted at the September 29, 2003 Directing Board meeting.

Working Group Members

Alan Whitney, co-chair Arthur Niell, co-chair Brian Corey Hayo Hase
Ed Himwich Hans Hinteregger Tetsuro Kondo Yasuhiro Koyama
Chopo Ma Zinovy Malkin Bill Petrachenko Wolfgang Schlueter
Harald Schuh Dave Shaffer Gino Tuccari Nancy Vandenberg


Sub-Groups The working group is divided into 7 sub-groups, each with a chair and separate e-mail address.

Sub-group ID Chair Title and report
Sub-group 1 Bill Petrachenko Observing strategies
Sub-group 2 Hayo Hase RF/IF, frequency and time
Sub-group 3 Gino Tuccari Backend systems
Sub-group 4 Alan Whitney Data acquisition and transport
Sub-group 5 Yasuhiro Koyama Correlation and fringe-finding
Sub-group 6 Harald Schuh Data analysis
Sub-group 7 Chopo Ma Data archiving and management

Reports The final report of WG3 was accepted at the September 12, 2005 Directing Board meeting and the Working Group was closed. Reports from each sub-group are also available and linked below as PDF files.

Related Reports The related reports were used as a working base for the VLBI2010 discussions and are referenced in the final report.