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Working Groups: IVS Working Group on VLBI2010

Purpose The VLBI2010 Working Group will examine current and future requirements for VLBI geodetic systems, including all components from antenna to analysis, and produce a report with recommendations for a new generation of systems. The charter for WG3 was accepted at the September 29, 2003 Directing Board meeting.

Working Group Members

Alan Whitney, co-chair Arthur Niell, co-chair Brian Corey Hayo Hase
Ed Himwich Hans Hinteregger Tetsuro Kondo Yasuhiro Koyama
Chopo Ma Zinovy Malkin Bill Petrachenko Wolfgang Schlueter
Harald Schuh Dave Shaffer Gino Tuccari Nancy Vandenberg


E-mail Mail to vlbi2010@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov will be sent to all WG members. All mail to the working group is archived.

Sub-Groups The working group is divided into 7 sub-groups, each with a chair and separate e-mail address.

Title Chair Send e-mail Read e-mail
Observing strategies Bill Petrachenko vlbi2010_obs@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov mail archive
RF/IF, frequency and time Hayo Hase vlbi2010_rf@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov mail archive
Backend systems Gino Tuccari vlbi2010_backend@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov mail archive
Data acquisition and transport Alan Whitney vlbi2010_data@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov mail archive
Correlation and fringe-finding Yasuhiro Koyama vlbi2010_corr@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov mail archive
Data analysis Harald Schuh vlbi2010_analysis@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov mail archive
Data archiving and management Chopo Ma vlbi2010_archive@ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov mail archive

Reports The final report of WG3 was accepted at the September 12, 2005 Directing Board meeting and the Working Group was closed. Reports from each sub-group are also available and linked below as PDF files.

Related Reports The related reports were used as a working base for the VLBI2010 discussions and are referenced in the final report.