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2010 Annual Report

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Download pdf (~19 MB) of entire 2010 Annual Report


IVS Coordination

Coordinating Center Report: pdf
Analysis Coordinator Report: pdf
Network Coordinator Report: pdf
IVS Technology Coordinator Report: pdf

Network Stations

Fortaleza Station: 2010 Status and Antenna Repair: pdf
Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory: pdf
Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO): pdf
Hobart, Mt. Pleasant Station and AuScope VLBI Project Report: pdf
Kashima 34-m Radio Telescope: pdf
Kashima and Koganei 11-m VLBI Stations: pdf
Kokee Park Geophysical Observatory: pdf
Matera CGS VLBI Station: pdf
The Medicina Station Status Report: pdf
VERA Geodetic Activities: pdf
Noto Station Status Report: pdf
Ny-Ålesund 20-meter Antenna: pdf
German Antarctic Receiving Station (GARS) O'Higgins : pdf
Onsala Space Observatory -- IVS Network Station: pdf
Parkes 2010 IVS Report: pdf
Sheshan VLBI Station Report for 2010: pdf
Stations of Space Geodesy and Geodynamics of CrAO: Simeiz VLBI, Simeiz-1873 SLR, CrAO-GPS: pdf
JARE Syowa Station 11-m Antenna, Antarctica: pdf
Geodetic Observatory TIGO in Concepción: pdf
Tsukuba 32-m VLBI Station: pdf
Nanshan VLBI Station Report for 2010: pdf
Warkworth 12-m VLBI Station: WARK12M: pdf
Westford Antenna: pdf
Geodetic Observatory Wettzell: 20-m Radio Telescope and Twin Telescope: pdf
Instituto Geográfico Nacional of Spain: pdf

Operation Centers

The Bonn Geodetic VLBI Operation Center: pdf
CORE Operation Center Report: pdf
NEOS Operation Center: pdf


The Bonn Astro/Geo Correlator : pdf
Haystack Observatory VLBI Correlator: pdf
IAA Correlator Center: pdf
VLBI Correlators in Kashima: pdf
Tsukuba VLBI Correlator: pdf
Washington Correlator: pdf

Data Centers

BKG Data Center: pdf
CDDIS Data Center Summary for the IVS 2010 Annual Report: pdf
Italy INAF Data Center Report: pdf
Data Center at NICT: pdf
Paris Observatory (OPAR) Data Center: pdf

Analysis Centers

Analysis Center of Saint Petersburg University: pdf
Geoscience Australia Analysis Center: pdf
Report for 2010 from the Bordeaux IVS Analysis Center: pdf
BKG/DGFI Combination Center Annual Report 2010: pdf
Matera CGS VLBI Analysis Center: pdf
DGFI Analysis Center Annual Report 2010: pdf
FFI Analysis Center: pdf
The BKG/IGGB VLBI Analysis Center: pdf
GSFC VLBI Analysis Center: pdf
Haystack Observatory Analysis Center: pdf
IAA VLBI Analysis Center Report 2010: pdf
Vienna IGG Special Analysis Center Annual Report 2010: pdf
Italy INAF Analysis Center Report: pdf
JPL VLBI Analysis Center Report for 2010: pdf
KASI Combination Center Report: pdf
KTU-GEOD IVS Analysis Center Annual Report 2010: pdf
IVS Analysis Center at Main Astronomical Observatory of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: pdf
Analysis Center at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology: pdf
NMA Analysis Center: pdf
Paris Observatory Analysis Center OPAR: Report on Activities, January---December 2010: pdf
Onsala Space Observatory -- IVS Analysis Center: pdf
New Associate Analysis Center Established at PMD: pdf
Pulkovo IVS Analysis Center (PUL) 2010 Annual Report: pdf
SAI VLBI Analysis Center Report 2010: pdf
SHAO Analysis Center 2010 Annual Report: pdf
Tsukuba VLBI Analysis Center: pdf
U.S. Naval Observatory VLBI Analysis Center: pdf
USNO Analysis Center for Source Structure Report: pdf

Technology Development Centers

Canadian VLBI Technology Development Center: pdf
FFI Technology Development Center---Software Development: pdf
GSFC Technology Development Center Report: pdf
Haystack Observatory Technology Development Center: pdf
Technology Development Center at NICT: pdf
Onsala Space Observatory -- IVS Technology Development Center: pdf


Bibliography: pdf

IVS Information

Addresses of Institutions of Authors Contributing to this Report: pdf
List of Acronyms: pdf