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IVS 2018 Directing Board Elections

Call for Nominations

The IVS Election Committee solicits nominations for four representative positions and three at-large positions on the IVS Directing Board. Nominations for the representative positions are due by 10 November 2018. Following the announcement of the results of the representative elections, nominations can be made for the at-large positions; the deadline for at-large nominations is 2 December 2018.

A large number of candidates for the election is highly welcome, so that the Associate Members have a choice when voting. Please consider who among your colleagues could fill a position on the IVS Directing Board.

If you have problems or questions about the nomination or election process, please contact an Election Committee member.

IVS Directing Board Election Committee

The IVS Terms of Reference list the following representative and At-Large members of the Directing Board:

Elected by IVS Components (4 year terms)
Networks representatives
Correlators and Operation Centers representative
Analysis and Data Centers representative
Technology Development Centers representative

Elected by Directing Board upon recommendation
from the Coordinating Center (2 year terms)
Members at-large

Membership of the outgoing IVS Directing Board
Accumulating the representative, at-large, ex officio, and permanent positions, the sixteen members of the outgoing Board are:

  • Ex officio:
    • Oleg Titov, IAG
    • Patrick Charlot, IAU
    • Rüdiger Haas, IERS
    • Dirk Behrend, Coordinating Center
  • Permanent:
    • Ed Himwich, Network Coordinator
    • John Gipson, Analysis Coordinator
    • Gino Tuccari, Technology Coordinator
  • Representative (4-year terms):
    • Torben Schüler, Networks [term expiring]
    • Francisco Colomer, Networks
    • David Hall, Correlators [term expiring]
    • Arthur Niell, Analysis [term expiring]
    • Axel Nothnagel, Analysis (Chair)
    • Thomas Hobiger, Technology Development [term expiring, not re-electable]
  • At Large (2-year terms):
    • Evgeny Nosov [term expiring]
    • Takahiro Wakasugi [term expiring]
    • Guangli Wang [term expiring, not re-electable]

Positions to be Filled
The positions to be filled in the current election period are:

  • one Networks representative (current position holder: Torben Schüler, Germany)
  • the Correlator representative (current position holder: David Hall, USA)
  • one Analysis Center representative (current position holder: Arthur Niell, USA)
  • the Technology Development Centers representative (current position holder: Thomas Hobiger*, Sweden)
  • three At Large members (current position holders: Evgeny Nosov, Russia, Takahiro Wakasugi, Japan, and Guangli Wang*, China)

* position holder not eligible for re-election

Representative positions: Nominations for representative positions are solicited from the relevant IVS components. Nominations for the Networks representative will be accepted only from an IVS Network Station, nominations for the Correlator and Operations Centers representative will be accepted only from an IVS Correlator or Operations Center, nominations for the Analysis and Data Centers representative will be accepted only from an IVS Analysis or Data Center, and nominations for the Technology Development Centers representative will be accepted only from an IVS Technology Development Center. Nominations must be submitted by the technical/scientific representative(s) listed in the IVS component tables.

At-large positions: Nominations for the at-large positions are solicited from any IVS Associate Member. You may nominate yourself.

Eligibility: Only persons who are currently IVS Associate Members may be nominated for any position. A current Directing Board member is eligible for re-election, provided he/she hasn't served already two consecutive full terms on the Board in any of the representative and at large positions. Partial terms are not counted to this limit. After two consecutive full terms, the individual becomes eligible again for a position on the Board following a two-year absence.

Submitting a nomination: Please provide the following information about the candidate:

  1. Name of person being nominated.
  2. Name of the IVS component(s) with which the person is affiliated.
  3. Directing Board position for which the person is being nominated.
  4. A brief (one paragraph) biographical sketch of the person being nominated.
  5. A statement that the candidate has been contacted and has agreed to serve if elected.

Please e-mail the information to the members of the Election Committee (Gino Tuccari, Francisco Colomer, Arthur Niell) with CC to Dirk Behrend. Nominations for representative positions will close at 2359 UT on 10 November 2018. Nominations for at large positions will commence after the announcement of the representative election results and will last until 2359 UT on 2 December 2018.

Elections for the candidates nominated for the four representative positions will be conducted via e-ballot during the period 15-29 November 2018. We will use e-mail as the means to submit the ballot form. The form is sent to the IVS Associate Members to their registered e-mail address. You can also download the official ballot form from this Web page. Associate Members should fill in the form and then mail it to ivs.ballot@gmail.com. The validity of the submission will be established by comparing the submission address with the address on file at the Coordinating Center.

All Associate Members are eligible to vote for the four representative positions. For each position, the candidate who receives the largest number of votes from the Associate Members will be elected. In case of a tie, the Directing Board will make the decision.

The at-large election by the Directing Board will be conducted after the representative positions are elected, because the purpose of the at-large positions is to balance representation from as many countries and institutions as possible.

The IVS Associate Members will be informed about the results of the representative elections by the end of November 2018 and about the results of the at-large elections in mid-December 2018. The new board members will be asked to attend the next IVS Directing Board meeting to be held on 21 March 2019 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain.


10 November 2018 Nominations for representative positions due
15-29 November 2018 Voting period for Associate Members
30 November 2018 Announcement of election results: representative positions
2 December 2018 Nominations for at-large positions due
3-14 December 2018 At-Large election by Directing Board
18 December 2018 Announcement of election results: at large positions
21 March 2019 Next Directing Board meeting (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain)