IVS Publications and Presentations

IVS 2016 General Meeting Proceedings

"New Horizons with VGOS"

Edited by Dirk Behrend, Karen D. Baver, and Kyla L. Armstrong



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Session Authors Title
  Dirk Behrend et al. Preface
Special Report
  Axel Nothnagel et al. Strategic Plan of the IVS for the Period 2016–2025
Session 1. Advances in VGOS Stations and Technology
  Graham Appleby et al. Current Trends and Challenges in Satellite Laser Ranging
  Mamoru Sekido et al. An Overview of the Japanese GALA-V Wideband VLBI System
  Gino Tuccari and Walter Alef BRAND EVN
  Leif Morten Tangen Ny-Alesund Observatory: What Has Been Done?
  Alexey Melnikov et al. First 2-Gbps Observations between the KVAZAR VGOS Antennas and the Yebes RAEGE Antenna
  Arthur Niell et al. VGOS Observations with Westford, GGAO, and the New Station at Kokee, Hawaii
  Gerhard Kronschnabl et al. The VGOS TWIN Radio Telescope TTW2 at Wettzell
  Evgeny Nosov et al. Operating Experience with the Broadband Acquisition System on the RT-13 Radio Telscopes
Session 2. VGOS Strategies and Expected Results
  Roger Cappallo Delay and Phase Calibration in VGOS Post-Processing
  Hayo Hase et al. How to Register a VGOS Radio Telescope at ITU and Why It Is Important
  Dirk Behrend et al. Implementation of the VGOS Trials
  Daniel MacMillan et al. Generation of Global Geodetic Networks for GGOS
  Anthony Searle and Bill Petrachenko Operational VGOS Scheduling
  Bill Petrachenko et al. VGOS Source Selection Criteria
  Lucia Plank et al. Observing with Sibling and Twin Telescopes
  Jim Lovell et al. Prototyping Automation and Dynamic Observing with the AuScope Array
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. First Results of the FAST-S/X Sessions with New VGOS Antennas
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. Current Status of an Implementation of a System Monitoring for Seamless Auxiliary Data at the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell
  Alexander Ipatov et al. New Generation VLBI: Intraday UT1 Estimations
Session 3. Stations, Correlators, and Operations Centers
  Sten Bergstrand and Ralf Schmid Activities of the IERS Working Group on Site Survey and Co-location
  A. de Witt et al. Optimizing the African VLBI Network for Astronomy and Geodesy
  Pablo de Vicente A Technical Overview of the EVN
  Cynthia C. Thomas et al. From CONT to VGOS: the Evolution of the CONT Campaigns
  Matteo Stagni et al. The Italian VLBI Network: First Results and Future Perspectives
  IGN Yebes Observatory staff RAEGE Project Update: Yebes Observatory Broadband Receiver Ready for VGOS
  Sang-oh Yi et al. Activites at Sejong Station
  Nataliya Zubko et al. Metsähovi Geodetic Fundamental Station in Finland -- New VGOS Site, Plans, and Current Status
  Ch. Plötz et al. The German Antarctic Receiving Station O'Higgins and Its VLBI Capabilities
  T. Schüler et al. First Local Ties from Data of the Wettzell Triple Radio Telescope Array
  Ulla Kallio et al. Automated Simultaneous Local Ties with GNSS and Robot Tacheometer
  Takaaki Jike VERA Geodetic VLBI with a Newly Developed High-speed Sampler and Recorder
  Renjie Zhu et al. Progress on the VLBI Data Acquisition System of SHAO
  Federico Perini et al. The First Geodetic VLBI Field Test of LIFT: A 550-km-long Optical Fiber Link for Remote Antenna Synchronization
  Arno Müskens et al. New DiFX Software Correlator Cluster at Bonn and Summary of Recent Activities
  Wu Jiang et al. Current Status of the Shanghai VLBI Correlator
  Zhijun Xu et al. Hardware Correlator Development at SHAO
  Jiangying Gan et al. High-speed Data Playback of the VLBI Hardware Correlator
  David Gordon et al. Difxcalc -- Calc11 for the DiFX Correlator
Session 4. Data Structures and Analysis Strategies in the VGOS Era
  Thomas Artz et al. Constraining Least-Squares VLBI Solutions
  Niko Kareinen et al. Robust Ambuguity Analysis of the Intensive Sessions
  G. Klopotek et al. Results from the VLBI Analysis Software Comparison Campaign 2015
  Tobias Nilsson et al. Simulations of Near Real-time EOP Estimation from a Future VGOS Network
  Linda Messerschmitt et al. Options and Functions of the Revised IVS Combination Web Site
  Thomas Artz et al. ivg::ASCOT: Development of a New VLBI Software Package
  Sergei Bolotin et al. Transition to the vgosDb Format
  Gerald Engelhardt et al. Refinement of the Rapid UT1 Estimation Derived from Tsukuba VLBI Measurements after the 2011 Earthquake
  John Gipson and Karen Baver Improvement of the IVS-INT01 Sessions through Bayesian Estimation
  Thomas Hobiger et al. Hard- and Software Tools for the Education of Geodetic VLBI
Session 5. Geodetic and Astrometric VLBI Results
  Sabine Bachmann et al. IVS Contribution to ITRF2014
  Sigrid Böhm et al. Vienna Contribution to ITRF2014
  Benedikt Soja et al. Comparison of a VLBI TRF Solution Based on Kalman Filtering and Recent ITRS Realizations
  Claudia Flohrer et al. VLBI Processing at ESOC
  Younghee Kwak et al. Combination of Two Radio Space-Geodetic Techniques with VieVS during CONT14
  Chopo Ma et al. Aspects of ICRF-3
  David Mayer et al. Vienna Contribution to the ICRF3
  David Gordon and Karine Le Bail Status of the S/X Source Catalog
  Andreas Iddink et al. Estimating the Celestial Reference Frame via Intra-Technique Combination
  Karine Le Bail et al. Selecting Sources that Define a Stable Celestial Reference Frame with the Allan Variance
  C. Gattano and S. Lambert Defining Source Selection and Celestial Reference Frame Stability
  Maria Karbon et al. About the Modeling of Radio Source Time Series as Linear Splines
  A. de Witt et al. Completing the K-band Celestial Reference Frame in the North
  C. Gattano and S. Lambert Characterization by the Allan Variance
  S. Basu et al. How Good is the Deep Southern Sky
  M. H. Xu et al. Source Structure of 0642+449 Derived from CONT14 Observations
  Bo Zhang Images of VLBI Calibrators from the BeSSeL Survey
  Sebastian Halsig et al. An Inequality Constrained Least-Squares Approach as an Alternative Estimation Procedure for Atmospheric Parameters from VLBI Observations
  Kyriakos Balidakis et al. On the Impact of Different Mapping Functions on Geodetic and Tropospheric Products from VLBI Data Analysis
  John Gipson El Niño and VLBI Measured Length of Day
  C. Gattano et al. The Annual Retrograde Nutation Variability
  Anastasiia Girdiuk et al. Tidal Atmospheric Loading and VLBI
  Fengchun Shu et al. Progress on the VLBI Ecliptic Plane Survey
  Kyriakos Balidakis et al. On the Impact of Inhomogeneities in Meteorological Data on VLBI Data Analysis
Session 6. VLBI Observations of Space Vehicles
  Geshi Tang et al. APOD Mission Status and Observations by VLBI
  Benjamin Männel et al. E-GRIP: A Highly Elliptical Orbit Satellite Mission for Co-location in Space
  Andreas Hellerschmied et al. VLBI Observations of GNSS Signals on the Baseline Hobart-Ceduna
  Weimin Zheng et al. Accurate Spacecraft Positioning by VLBI Imaging
  Guifré Molera Calvés et al. Venus and Mars Express Spacecraft Observations with Wettzell Radio Telescopes