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Candidates for Representative Positions

This page provides information about the candidates for representative positions on the IVS Directing Board. Within each category candidates are listed alphabetically by their family names. The Representatives will be elected by the Associate Members.

Candidates for Networks Representative

Hayo Hase
TIGO Concepción, Chile/Germany
Hayo Hase has been involved in VLBI since his studies at the University of Bonn in the 1980s, when he worked in the VLBI group first as a student and later as a scientist. During 1991–1993 he was setting up the VLBI station at O'Higgins base in Antarctica and performed the first VLBI experiments there. Since 1994 he has been working in the TIGO project, first during its construction at Wettzell, Germany; since 2002 as network station head in Concepción, Chile. He was the lead for writing the technical specifications of the Twin Telescope Wettzell project, which is currently under construction and will become the first rigorous VLBI2010 realization. Hayo has visited many IVS Network Stations. Since its inception Hayo has significantly contributed to the IVS; e.g., design of the Internet presentation, feature editor of the IVS Newsletter (ongoing), member of several IVS Working Groups: WG2 (Product Specification and Observing Programs), WG3 (VLBI2010), WG5 (Space Science Applications), and WG6 (VLBI Education). He is the current chairman of the VLBI2010 Project Execution Group (V2PEG).

Shinobu Kurihara
Geospational Information Authority of Japan (GSI), Tsukuba, Japan
After earning a B.A. in Physics from Niigata University in 1998, Shinobu Kurihara has been working for GSI with the exception of two years during which he worked at the Ministry headquarters. He has been involved in geodetic VLBI operations for 9.5 years including VLBI observation, correlation, analysis, and other related work. In recent years, he has been the responsible official at the Tsukuba 32-m VLBI station. Recently, he played a significant role in the success of the Ultra-rapid dUT1 experiments. Shinobu has served as an at-large member on the IVS Directing Board since October 2010 when he replaced Kazuhiro Takashima due to illness.

Candidates for Correlators and Operations Centers Representative

Alessandra Bertarini
Bonn Correlator, Bonn, Germany
Alessandra Bertarini has been working in the IVS community at the Bonn Correlator since 2003. Along with the geodetic correlation, she supports astronomical correlation, supports the stations with technical feedback, and collaborates with the testing of the new digital BBC. During her Ph.D. she studied polarization leakage and its effect on the geodetic observable. Alessandra is presently helping to commission the new DiFX correlator for geodesy, and is collaborating in the densfication of the southern hemisphere reference frame sources. Alessandra took her undergraduate degree in Astronomy at the University of Bologna in 1999 and she holds a Ph.D. in Geodesy awarded by the University of Bonn in 2010.

David Hall
Washington Correlator, Washington, D.C., USA
David Hall has been working in VLBI since 1991 doing scheduling and analysis of Celestial Reference Frame observations. Between 2001 and 2007 he also was responsible for regular analysis of IVS-R1, IVS-R4, and IVS-Int1 sessions. From late 2006 to the present he has been Correlator Operations Manager at the Washington Correlator responsible for the processing of the IVS-R4s, IVS-Int1s, and other IVS sessions and has made contributions to improving the rapid processing of the Intensives, and the efficient processing of the CONT08 session. Recently he has become involved in USNO's efforts in e-VLBI and VLBI2010.