IVS What's New

News 1999

Date What's New
1999 Dec 08 Added a link to the 2000 multiagency schedule.
1999 Dec 08 Link to the IVS Analysis Web Site added.
1999 Nov 10 Link to the station configuration forms added.
1999 Nov 01 Link to the Updated IVS General Meeting information. Registration, travel, and accommodation information added.
1999 Oct 25 Link to the Analysis Coordinator's page was added.
1999 Sep 30 Link to the Call for Participation in the first IVS General Meeting.
1999 Sep 23 The new IVS logo was approved by the Directing Board. The logo appears at the top left of the IVS home page. Click on the small image to enlarge it.
1999 Sep 17 The "Service" section of the home page was moved to the top because data and products are now becoming available. A new page describing the products and providing links was added.
1999 Aug 30 Link to the 1999 Annual Report.
1999 Aug 18 Link to the Master Intensive Schedule was added to the home page under the Coordination/Networks section.
Link was added to Experiment Descriptions page under Service/Products section.
1999 Aug 17 Summary of the second IVS Directing Board meeting (19 July, 1999).
1999 Aug 12 A link to a "clickable" global map was added on the homepage.
1999 July 5 A link to the IVS General Meeting was added on the home page.
1999 July 2 IVS data are now available, and instructions were posted about how to submit data and analysis files.
1999 July 3 A logo was submitted by Hans-Georg Scherneck.
1999 July 2 References to the standard formats for analysis products were added to the product page.
1999 July 2 A logo was submitted by Alan Whitney.
1999 May 31 A logo was received from Hayo Hase, BKG, Germany.
1999 May 30 A logo was received from Tetsuro Kondo, CRL, Japan.
1999 May 28 Another logo from Ruediger Haas, Onsala, Sweden.
1999 May 27 Five logos were submitted by Axel Nothnagel, GIUB, Germany.
1999 May 26 Ray Gonzalez, NVI, Inc./GSFC, and Najat Essaifi, Obs. de Paris, submitted logos to the contest.
1999 May 25 Alexander Stotskii, IAA, Russia, submitted a logo for the logo contest.
1999 May 20 Logo submissions were received today from Zinovy Malkin, IAA, Russia and from Ruediger Haas, Onsala, Sweden.
1999 May 19 Instructions for how to prepare and submit annual reports were posted.
1999 May 14 The fifth logo submission was received from Leonid Petrov, GIUB, Germany.
1999 Apr 26 The fourth logo submission was received from Zinovy Malkin, IAA, Russia.
1999 Apr 15 A summary of the responses to the data and analysis solicitation was posted.
1999 Apr 14 Another logo submission from Alan Fey, USNO.
1999 Apr 13 IVS components are requested to submit reports for the first IVS Annual Report.
1999 Apr 9 A logo submission was received from Junichi Nakajima of CRL.
1999 Apr 6 A link was added to the draft VLBI Standard Interface Specification document.
1999 Mar 29 For convenience of the international IVS community, the IVS home web site now has mirrors at BKG (Germany) and CRL (Japan).
1999 Mar 24 Hayo Hase contributed improved versions of the home page images of the VLBI concept and world map.
1999 Mar 19 A link was added to the proceedings of the 13th Working Meeting on European VLBI for Geodesy and Astrometry.
1999 Mar 16 The multi-agency schedule name was changed to have a ".txt" extension so that browsers will load it properly.
1999 Mar 12 A new page with information about IVS was added. The News and Guide links were moved to the top of the home page.
1999 Mar 10 The solicitation for data and analysis was released today. Due date is April 15.
1999 Mar 8
  • A new page as added with the logo contest entries. Thanks to Alan Fey for the initial entry!
  • A visitor statistics counter was added. Click on the logo at the bottom of the home page.
1999 Mar 7
1999 Mar 6 A link to the minutes of the IVS Board meeting was added on the Directing Board page. A new link on the home page was added to IVS historical documents.
1999 Mar 5 The mail system page was revised to add mail-to and mail list links for each list.
1999 Mar 4 A new mail list was started for people interested in IVS analysis. The link to the ivs-analysis mail archive is on the home page.
1999 Feb 28 The whole IVS site is new! Refer to the guide for a tour of the site.