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News 2004

Date What's New
2004 December 31 A link to the IVS Directing Board Elections -- 2004 Official Ballot was added.
2004 December 2 The December 2004 issue of the IVS Newsletter was posted on the web site today and mailed to the IVS mailing list.
2004 November 29 The Call for 2004 Annual Report was posted.
2004 November 12 The Draft 2005 master schedule was posted. This is a draft schedule because the participation by stations has not been confirmed yet.
2004 November 8 Notes from the 12th Directing Board meeting were posted. 
2004 November 5 A link to the IVS Directing Board Elections -- Call for Nominations was added.
2004 October 26 A link to the 2005 Technical Operations Workshop (TOW) meeting was added.
2004 July 29 The August 2004 issue of the IVS Newsletter was posted on the web site today and mailed to the IVS mailing list.
2004 July 23 The printed books of the 2004 General Meeting Proceedings were mailed to each registered attendee. If you did not attend the meeting and would like a copy of the book, please contact the Coordinating Center.
2004 July 7 2004 General Meeting Proceedings
The web version of the Proceedings from the 2004 General Meeting held in Ottawa, Canada, is now available. The printed version of the publication will be mailed to meeting attendees during July.
2004 June 23 3rd e-VLBI Workshop
The 3rd e-VLBI Workshop, to be held in Japan, is expected to present an ideal opportunity to further enhance and accelerate e-VLBI research and development, following the success of the first two workshops.
2004 June 9 New IVS Web Site
Welcome to the home page of the new IVS web site. It replaces the old site and provides improved navigation and updated content. The IVS team that contributed to the design and content included Hayo Hase (BKG), Yasuhiro Koyama (NICT), Zinovy Malkin (IAA), Dan Smythe (Haystack), Christoph Steinforth (UBonn), and Nancy Vandenberg (NVI/GSFC). Comments about the site or suggestions for future improvements and upgrades are welcome at any time and should be e-mailed to the Coordinating Center.
2004 April 16 2003 Annual Report
The 2003 Annual Report was mailed to IVS Associate Members and Corresponding Members in early April. The web version was posted April 16.
2004 April 8 Added a link on the meetings page to the IAG/ETC 15th International Symposium on Earth Tides.
2004 March 28 April Newsletter
The April issue of the Newsletter was mailed and the web version posted. This issue has a feature article with pictures from the 3rd General Meeting in Ottawa, held in February, and a cover story about the Vienna students' VLBI project. Contributions are welcome at any time! The deadline for the August issue is early July.
2004 March 11 Notes from the 11th Directing Board meeting were posted. 
2004 March 8 A link to the Journees 2004, Fundamental Astronomy was added on the Meetings Links page.