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News 2003

Date What's New
2003 December 23 A link to the Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference 2004 (PORSEC) was added on the Meetings Links page.
2003 December 18 The 2004 master schedule was posted.
2003 December 3 Issue 7 of the Newsletter was posted.
2003 November 19 The IVS component map and regional larger-scale maps were updated.
2003 November 19 A link was added to the 5th IVS Analysis Workshop page on the Analysis Coordinator's site.
2003 November 13 The call for 2003 Annual Reports was posted.
2003 November 3 Notes from the 10th Directing Board meeting were posted.
2003 October 22 A summary of the evaluation forms for the TOW 2003 meeting was posted on the meeting page.
2003 October 9 The web page for the General Meeting was updated. Registration is now available. Abstract submission will be available by mid-October.
2003 September 11 A link to the Mark 5 newsletter page was added to the IVS home page in the Technology section.
2003 August 4 Issue 6 of the Newsletter was posted.
2003 July 23 Registration for the 2003 Technical Operations Workshop (TOW) is open.
2003 June 20 A link to the 2003 Technical Operations Workshop (TOW) meeting was added.
2003 May 9 A link to the 2002 Annual Report was added.
2003 May 5 A link was added to the initial page for the third General Meeting, to be held February 9-11, 2004.
2003 April 28 A link to the summary of the ninth IVS Directing Board meeting was added.
2003 April 10 A new mail system was set up.
2003 April 4 Issue 5 of the Newsletter was posted.
2003 March 20 A paper by Jim Ryan and Chopo Ma on the history of NASA's geodetic VLBI program was posted.
2003 February 10 The Mark 5 deployment plan was posted.
2003 January 14 Revised web pages for IVS products were posted. Start on the home page and click on Select Data Center.
2003 January 10 Descriptions of the observing programs for 2003 were posted.
2003 January 5 A web page for the Fourth IVS Analysis Workshop was set up.
2003 January 5 New pages for accessing IVS products were posted. Start on the Data Center selection page.
2003 January 2 Candidate information and a ballot form were posted for the 2003 Directing Board elections.