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News 2000

Date What's New
2000 December 1 The multi-agency schedule for 2001 was posted today.
2000 November 27 Voting opened for two representative positions on the IVS Directing Board. Candidate information and ballot form were posted.
2000 November 16 Call for contributions to the 2000 IVS Annual Report posted.
2000 October 24 Information about the Second IVS Analysis Workshop posted.
2000 October 4 Summary of the 4th Directing Board meeting posted.
2000 September 27 Link to VSI page at Haystack was added.
2000 June 30 General Meeting proceedings are published on the web site.
2000 May 9 Link to current component reports was added to the main page.
2000 May 8 Order form for IVS t-shirts available.
2000 Apr 5 Summary of the third Directing Board meeting posted.
2000 Mar 31 Station configuration list updated with Medicina's contribution.
2000 Mar 28 A new page was added for the Working Group on mapping the GPS phase centers.
2000 Mar 08 Pictures from the IVS General Meeting were posted on the IVS server.
2000 Jan 04 The program for the IVS General Meeting is available.