IVS Publications and Presentations

IVS 2002 General Meeting Proceedings

Edited by Nancy R. Vandenberg and Karen D. Baver



Session Authors Title
  Nancy Vandenberg Preface
About the Second General Meeting
  Toshiki Aoyama Welcome Address of Geophysical Survey Institute
  Takashi Iida Welcome Address of Communications Research Laboratory
  Nancy Vandenberg Resolution of the Second IVS General Meeting
Session 1. VLBI: Precise and Consistent for Decades
  Wolfgang Schlüter Chair's Report at 2nd IVS General Meeting
  Nicole Capitaine The Essential Contribution of VLBI to Fundamental Astronomy
  Hermann Drewes et al. Challenges for VLBI Within an Integrated Global Geodetic Observing System
  Markus Rothacher Combination of Space-Geodetic Techniques
Session 2.Improving the Performance and Products of IVS
  Harald Schuh IVS Working Group 2 for Product Specification and Observing Programs
  Nancy R. Vandenberg IVS Observing Programs 2002–2005
  Daniel MacMillan et al. Geodetic Results from Mark 4 VLBI
  Yasuhiro Koyama Expected Contributions of the K-4 and its Next-Generation Systems
  Calvin Klatt et al. Geodetic S2 VLBI: International Plans
Session 3. Network Stations, Operation Centers, Correlators
  Brian Corey Fundamentals of Phase Calibration in Geodetic VLBI
  Y. C. Minh and D. G. Roh Construction of the Korean VLBI Network (KVN)
  Hideo Hanada et al. VRAD Mission: Precise Observation of Orbits of Sub-Satellites in SELENE with International VLBI Network
  Calvin Klatt et al. A Next Generation Geodetic Experiment Scheduling Tool? (SKED++)
  Hiroshi Takaba et al. Geodesy with the World's Smallest (3-m) VLBI Telescope
  Gino Tuccari A Multiband Primary Focus Receiver for Noto Antenna
  Halfdan P. Kierulf et al. Foot-Print of the Space-Geodetic Observatory, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
  Martin Lidberg et al. Local Ties Between the Space Geodetic Techniques at the Onsala Space Observatory
  Shigeru Matsuzaka et al. VLBI-GPS Collocation Method at Geophysical Survey Institute
  Roger Cappallo Mark 4 Correlator Software: Status and Plans
  A. Müskens et al. The Mark IV Correlator - Faster, Better, Optimal??
  A. Nothnagel et al. Comparison of the Output of Repeated Mark III and Mark IV Correlation Results
  Brian Corey and Michael Titus Comparison of the VLBI Observables from Mk3 and Mk4 Correlation of a 24-hour Geodetic Experiment
  Jun Amagai et al. Status of the KSP VLBI Stations and IMT-2000 Interference
  Matti Paunonen Metsähovi Geodetic VLBI Station: Status Report
Session 4. New Technology Development in VLBI
  Junichi Nakajima et al. VSI Interface Implementation, Performance Enhancement of Gbps VLBI Instruments
  Jouko Ritakari and Ari Mujunen A VSI-H Compatible Recording System for VLBI and e-VLBI
  Alan R. Whitney Mark 5 Disc-Based Gbps VLBI Data System
  Alan R. Whitney High-Speed e-VLBI Demonstration: Haystack Observatory to NASA/GSFC
  Tetsuro Kondo et al. Real-time Gigabit VLBI System and Internet VLBI System
  Qinghui Liu et al. Observation of Atmospheric Disturbances Using a Real-Time VLBI System
  Sotetsu Iwamura et al. IP Data Transfer System for Real-time VLBI
  Hitoshi Kiuchi Parallel Data Processing System
  W. T. Petrachenko et al. Multi-Beam VLBI
  Yoshiaki Tamura and the VERA Group Geodetic Observation System in VERA
  Hisashi Hirabayashi et al. The VSOP-2 Space VLBI Mission
  Yasuhiro Murata and Hisashi Hirabayashi Wide-band Data Transmission System Expected in the Next Generation Space VLBI Mission: VSOP-2
  Yusuke Kono et al. Precise Positioning of Spacecrafts by Multi-frequency VLBI
  Yoshihiro Fukuzaki et al. Processing of the Data Syowa VLBI Experiment by Copying Between the Different Recording Systems and the Result of the Analysis
  Kenichiro Takahei et al. Laser-Pumped Cs Gas-Cell Type Atomic Clock for VLBI
  Charles J. Naudet et al. Media Calibration in The Deep Space Network - A Status Report
  Makoto Miyoshi and Seiji Kameno A Proposal for Constructing a New Sub-mm VLBI Array, Horizon Telescope
Session 5. Data, Models and Software
  Hans-Georg Scherneck and Machiel S. Bos Ocean Tide and Atmospheric Loading
  Arthur Niell and Jennifer Tang Gradient Mapping Functions for VLBI and GPS
  Johannes Böhm et al. Tropospheric Zenith Path Delays Derived from GPS Used for the Determination of VLBI Station Heights
  Ryuichi Ichikawa et al. Comparison of Atmospheric Parameters from VLBI, GPS and WVR
  Jinling Li et al. A Discussion on the Modeling of the Residual Clock Behavior and Atmospheric Effects in the Astrometric and Geodetic VLBI Data Analysis
  Patrick Charlot Modeling Radio Source Structure for Improved VLBI Data Analysis
  Ojars J. Sovers et al. Structure Corrections in Modeling VLBI Delays for RDV Data
  Anne-Marie Gontier and Martine Feissel PIVEX: a Proposal for a Platform Independent VLBI Exchange Format
  Chopo Ma et al. Integrating Analysis Goals for EOP, CRF and TRF
  Axel Nothnagel et al. On Corrections Between Parameters in Geodetic VLBI Data Analysis
  Christoph Steinforth and Axel Nothnagel Outlier Detection in the Combination of VLBI EOP
  Hansjörg Kutterer and Volker Tesmer Statistical Assessment of Subdiurnal Earth Orientation Parameters from VLBI
  David Gordon RDV Analysis and Mark 4/VLBA Comparison Results
  Alan L. Fey and David A. Boboltz USNO Analysis of VLBA RDV Data
  The SBL Team The New IERS Special Bureau for Loading (SBL)
Session 6. Analysis and Geodetic/Geophysical/Astrometric Interpretation
  Volker Tesmer VLBI Solution DGFI01R01 Based on Least-Squares Estimation Using OCCAM 5.0 and DOGS-CS
  Toshimichi Otsubo and Tadahiro Gotoh SLR-based TRF Contributing to the ITRF2000 project
  Tetsuro Imakiire and Masaki Murakami Establishment of the New Geodetic Reference Frame of Japan (JGD2000)
  Zinovy Malkin et al. Variations of European Baseline Lengths from VLBI and GPS Data
  Elena Skurikhina Influence of Antenna Thermal Deformations on Estimation of Seasonal Variations in Baseline Length
  Oleg Titov Spectral Analysis of the Baseline Length Tine Series from VLBI Data
  Taizoh Yoshino et al. Comparison of the Baseline Length Between the Keystone Sites by Different Space Geodetic Techniques
  Takaaki Jike et al. The Antarctic VLBI Experiments During JARE39 and Geodetic Analysis by the Mitaka FX Correlator
  Kurt Lambeck et al. VLBI Evidence for Glacial Rebound in Europe
  D. Gambis et al. Comparative Study of the EOP Series Derived for the Second IVS Pilot Project
  Zinovy Malkin A Comparison of the VLBI Nutation Series with IAU2000 Model
  Johannes Böhm et al. Comparison of Tropospheric Parameters Submitted to the 2nd IVS Analysis Pilot Project
  Thomas Hobiger et al. Determination of Ionospheric Parameters by Geodetic VLBI
  C. S. Jacobs et al. Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies
  Chopo Ma et al. Towards a Future ICRF Realization
  Edward Fomalont et al. Searching for High Quality VLBI Calibrators
  Alan L. Fey et al. Extragalactic Radio Source Selection for Radio/Optical Frame Ties
  Martine Feissel and Chopo Ma Radio Source Stability and the Observation of Precession-Nutation
  Seiji Manabe et al. Astrometric and Geodetic Analysis System of VERA
  Takahiro Iwata et al. Results of the Critical Design for the Selenodetic Mission using Differential VLBI Methods by SELENE
  Koji Matsumoto Global Lunar Gravity Field Recovery from SELENE
Splinter Meeting Reports
  Rich Strand and Brian Corey Mini-TOW (Technical Operations Workshop)
  Axel Nothnagel Summary of the Third IVS Analysis Workshop
  Hans-Georg Scherneck IVS Analysis Working Group for Geophysical Models in VLBI Software: Splinter Meeting