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IVS 2006 General Meeting Proceedings

"New Horizons with VGOS"

Edited by Dirk Behrend and Karen D. Baver



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Session Authors Title
  Dirk Behrend Preface
Welcome Addresses
  Professor Sergio Lavanchy Welcome Address of Universidad de Concepción
  Wolfgang Schlüter Welcome Address from IVS Chair
Session 1. VLBI in Science and Application
  Markus Rothacher The Global Geodetic Observing System and the IVS Service
  Alexandre Humberto Andrei GAIA and a New Optical Reference Frame
  Aleksander Brezezinski Role of VLBI for Investigating Earth Rotation
  Markus Vennebusch, Sarah Böckmann IVS' Contribution to the IERS Combination Pilot Project and to the ITRF2005 - Status and Results
  Jinling Li et al. Ionosphere Delay Corrections in Satellite VLBI Observations
  A. Costa et al. GPS Meteorology over Northeast Brazil: Perspectives
  Robert Heinkelmann et al. Global VLBI Solution IGG05R01
  Nobuyuki Kawano et al. International VLBI Tracking of SELENE
  Xiuzhong Zhang, Team of Chinese VLBI Network Spacecraft Tracking with the Chinese VLBI Network
  Takaaki Jike et al. The First Year of VERA Geodetic Experiments
  H. Kobayashi et al. VERA System and Recent Results
  Mamoru Sekido, Toshio Fukushima VLBI Delay Model for a Radio Source at Finite Distance
Session 2. Next Generation VLBI
  Bill Petrachenko Achieving a Quantum Leap in Observation Density
  Alan Whitney et al. A Wide-Band VLBI Digital Backend System
  Peter Shield, Mark Godwin A New Lower Cost 12m Full Motion Antenna
  Gordon Lacy et al. A Preliminary Design Study for an Affordable 12 Metre Carbon Composite Radio Telescope
  Chopo Ma Uses of the ICRF and Implications for Future VLBI
  Zhijun Xu et al. Real Time Correlator in FPGA
  Joerg Wresnik et al. Simulations for VLBI2010
  Markus Vennebusch Singular Value Decomposition - A Tool for VLBI Simulations
  Anthony Searle Network Size Simulations
Session 3. Network Stations, Operation Centers, Correlators
  Jesús Gómez-González et al. A New 40 Meter Radiotelescope at Yebes (Spain) for Geodetic VLBI Studies
  M. Machida et al. K5/VSSP Data Processing System of Small Cluster Computing at Tsukuba VLBI Correlator
  Pablo de Vicente A Technical Overview of the EVN
  Gonzalo Remedi et al. Remote Control of VLBI Operations
  Tuhwan Kim et al. National Geodetic VLBI Plan in Korea
  Pierre Kaufmann Radio Astronomy and VLBI in Brazil
  Wolfgang Schlüter et al. Footprint Observations at the Fundamental Station Wettzell
  Arno Müskens et al. Bonn Correlator Report for Astronomy and Geodesy
  Sergei Gulyaev et al. The IVS in the Southern Hemisphere: New Zealand Perspectives
  Brian Corey, Michael Titus Antenna Cross-Polarization Characteristics at Geodetic VLBI Stations
  Claudio Abbondanza et al. An Investigation on a GPS-based Approach to Local Tie Computation
  Daniel Hernandez, Rüdiger Haas GPS on the VLBI Telescopes at Onsala and Ny-Ålesund
  P. Bolli et al. Photogrammetry, Laser Scanning, Holography and Terrestrial Surveying of the Noto VLBI Dish
  Yoshihiro Fukuzaki et al. Status and Results of JARE Syowa Station, Antarctica
Session 4. New Technology Developments in VLBI
  Gino Tuccari et al. DBBC – A Flexible Platform for VLBI Data Processing
  Ying Xiang et al. FPGA Implementation in DBBC
  G. Klopotek et al. Results from the VLBI Analysis Software Comparison Campaign 2015
  Tetsuro Kondo et al. Development of a New VLBI Sampler Unit (K5/VSSP32) Equipped with a USB 2.0 Interface
  Alan Whitney The Mark 5B VLBI Data System
  Roger Cappallo Integration of the Mark 5B Playback System into the Mark IV Correlator
  Dan Smythe VSI Interfaces for Legacy Systems
  Alan Whitney, Chester Ruszczyk e-VLBI Development at Haystack Observatory
  Yasuhiro Koyama et al. e-VLBI Developments with the K5 VLBI System
  Hiroshi Takeuchi et al. A VSI-compliant 2-Gsps DAS for Spacecraft Differential VLBI
  Ryuichi Ichikawa et al. An Evaluation of Atmospheric Path Delay Correction in Differential VLBI Experiments for Spacecraft Tracking
  Wang Guangli Post-Correlation Processing of VLBI Satellite Observations at SHAO
  Gino Tuccari et al. e-NRTV – Radar VLBI Network LFVN
Session 5. Software and Analysis Strategies
  Volkmar Tesmer et al. Impact of Analysis Options on the TRF, CRF, and Position Time Series Estimated from VLBI
  Arthur Niell Interaction of Atmosphere Modeling and VLBI Analysis Strategy
  Wolfgang Schlüter et al. Comparison of Wet Path Delays Observed with Water Vapour Radiometers, Solar Spectrometer, Radiosondes, GPS and VLBI at the Fundamental Station Wettzell
  Johannes Böhm, Harald Schuh Linear Horizontal Gradients vs. 3D Raytracing
  Sebastien B. Lambert, Anne-Marie Gontier A Comparison of R1 and R4 IVS Networks
  Daniel MacMillan et al. First Results from CONT05
  Daniel MacMillan Radio Source Instability in the Analysis of VLBI Data
  Oleg Titov Effect of Reference Radio Source Instabilities on the TRF Solution
  Gerald Engelhardt, Volkmar Thorandt First Steps to Investigate Long-Term Stability of Radio Sources in VLBI Analysis
  John M. Gipson Correction Due to Station Dependent Noise in VLBI
  David Gordon et al. Calc 10 Implementation
  Sebastien B. Lambert Baseline and Site Repeatability in the IVS Rapid Network
  Joerg Wresnik et al. Thermal Deformation of Radio Telescopes Onsala and Wettzell
Session 6. Results and Geodetic/Geophysical/Astrometric Interpretation
  Edward Fomalont VLBA Phase Referencing for Astrometric Use
  Rüdiger Haas Investigating High-Frequency Earth Orientation Variations with Continuous Geodetic VLBI Campaigns
  C. S. Jacobs et al. Extending the ICRF to Higher Radio Frequencies: Global Astrometric Results at 24 GHz
  Patrick Charlot et al. Astrometric Suitability of ICRF Sources Based on Intrinsic VLBI Structure
  Richard Porcas et al. How Compact Are Faint Radio Sources?
  Anthony Searle E3 Network Results
  J. Cho et al. A Generalized Scheme to Retrieve Wet Path Delays from WVR Measurements Applied to the European Geodetic VLBI Network
  Christopher S. Jacobs et al. Improving Astrometric VLBI by Using Water Vapor Radiometer Calibrations
  Robert Heinkelmann et al. Combination of Long-term Time Series of Tropospheric Parameters Observed by VLBI
  Thomas Hobiger et al. VLBI as a Tool to Probe the Ionosphere
  Thomas Hobiger et al. Detection of Short Period Ionosphere Variations from VLBI Fringe Phases
  Bong Won Sohn et al. Simultaneous Dual Frequency VLBI Observation Using VERA
  Annika Edh, Rüdiger Haas Crustal Deformation in South America from GPS and VLBI
  Younghee Kwak et al. A Preliminary Study on Plate Motion Measurements on the Korean Peninsula with the New Korean VLBI Array
  Yoshimitsu Masaki et al. Local Tie Survey at VERA Ogasawara Station at Site Chichijima
Splinter Meeting Reports
  Axel Nothnagel Summary of the 7th IVS Analysis Workshop