IVS Publications and Presentations

IVS 2014 General Meeting Proceedings

"VGOS: The New VLBI Network"

Edited by Dirk Behrend, Karen D. Baver, and Kyla L. Armstrong

Science Press (Beijing)

ISBN 978-7-03-042974-2


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Session Authors Title
  Dirk Behrend et al. Preface
Session 1. Evolution of the VGOS Network
  Chopo Ma et al. The Impact of NASA's SGP and USNO on VGOS
  Line Langkaas, Anne Jørgensen UN Resolution About the Importance of Geodesy
  Hayo Hase, Felipe Pedreros The Most Remote Point Method for the Site Selection of the Future VGOS Network
  Bill Petrachenko et al. VGOS Observing Plan
  Jesús Gómez-González et al. An Atlantic Network of Geodynamical and Space Stations
  Alexander Ipatov et al. Russian VLBI System of New Generation
  Guangli Wang An Introduction to the Sheshan VGOS Station Project
  Yoshihiro Fukuzaki et al. Construction of a VGOS Station in Japan
  Tobias Nilsson et al. Atmospheric Modeling in the Data Analysis of Twin Telescope Observations
Session 2. Technology Development for VGOS
  Jim Lovell et al. Dynamic Observing in the VGOS Era
  Alexander Neidhardt et al. Developments for the Automation and Remote Control of the Radio Telescopes of the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell
  Christopher Beaudoin et al. A Cost and Complexity Survey on Emerging Technologies for the VGOS
  Miroslav Pantaleev et al. Broadband Feeds for VGOS
  José Antonio López-Fernández et al. A Dual-Circular Polarization Broadband Feed for Ring Focus Configuration
  Christopher Beaudoin Design of a Circularly-Polarized VGOS Frontend for Simplified Mixed-Mode VLBI Observations
  Mamoru Sekido et al. Development of a Wideband VLBI System (GALA-V)
  Evgeny Nosov et al. Current Development State of the Russian VLBI Broadband Acquisition System
  Gino Tuccari et al. DBBC3: An EVN and VGOS All-inclusive VLBI System
  Roger Cappallo Correlating and Fringe-fitting Broadband VGOS Data
  Arthur Niell et al. VGOS Operations and Geodetic Results
  Gennadii Ilin et al. WVRs for the "Quasar" Network
  Hong Ma et al. Research on Deep Space TT&C VLBI Digital Baseband Converting Methods Based on Parallel Down-conversion
  Pablo de Vicente et al. Control System and Tests for the 13.2-m RAEGE Antenna at Yebes
  José Antonio López-Pérez A Tri-band Cryogenic Receiver for VGOS Radio Telescopes
  Alexander Ipatov et al. Tri-band System for the Russian Interferometer
  Jan Kodet et al. The New Phase-calibration System of the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell
  Alan Whitney et al. Mark 6 16-Gbps Next-Generation VLBI Data System
  Ilya Bezrukov et al. Russian Data Recording System of New Generation
  Alexey Melnikov et al. First Fringes with BRAS on VLBI Network "Quasar"
  Shaojie Wei et al. Research on VLBI Digital Baseband Converting Methods Combining the Efficient Uniform Channelization with the Orthogonal Mixing
Session 3. Stations, Correlators, and Operations Centers
  Gerhard Kronschnabl et al. Status of the Wettzell Radio Telescope Triple and the O'Higgins VLBI System at Antarctica
  Takahiro Wakasugi, Ryoji Kawabata Status Report on the Tsukuba VLBI Station
  Leif Morten Tangen New Geodetic Observatory in Ny-Ålesund
  Axel Nothnagel et al. Gravitational Deformation Effects: The Yebes 40-m Telescope Case
  Tong Ning et al. Determination of the Telescope Invariant Point and the Local Tie Vector at Onsala using GPS Measurements
  Jinling Li, Fuwen Xiong Local Survey at the Shanghai Tianma 65-m Antenna
  Alexander Ipatov et al. Co-location of Space Geodetic Techniques at the "Quasar" VLBI Network Observatories
  Niko Kareinen Going Digital – The Transition from Mark IV to DBBC at Onsala
  Voytsekh Ken et al. Design of a VGOS Software Correlator Based on GPUs
  Weimin Zheng et al. Software Correlator in the Chang'E-3 Mission
  Jim Lovell et al. Southern Hemisphere Geodesy and Astrometry with AUSTRAL
  Dirk Behrend et al. CONT14: Preparation and Prospects
  Cynthia Thomas et al. Evolution of the Geodetic Media Pool
  Rüdiger Haas et al. Twin Telescope and Tide Gauge Plans for the Onsala Space Observatory
  Guillermo Gancio et al. Development of an Electromagnetic Interference Monitor from 1 GHz to 18 GHz
  Renjie Zhu et al. A New Generation of Platforms for CDAS
  Jiangying Gan et al. VLBI Data Playback in FPGA
  Wu Jiang et al. Recent Geodetic Activities of the Shanghai VLBI Correlator
  Zhijun Xu et al. Hardware Correlator Development at SHAO
  Shaoguang Guo et al. Control System and Visualization of the VLBI Hardware Correlator at SHAO
  Maoli Ma et al. The XF-Type Correlator for Delta-DOR in Deep Space Navigation
Session 4. Progress in Data Structure, Software Development, and Analysis Strategies
  Sabine Bachmann et al. IVS Combination Center at BKG: ITRF2013 Preparations and Source Position Combination
  John Gipson IVS Working Group IV and the New Open Format Database
  Sergei Bolotin et al. The VLBI Data Analysis Software νSolve: Development Progress and Plans for the Future
  Johannes Böhm et al. Vienna VLBI Software: Current Release and Plans for the Future
  Alexander Neidhardt, Arnaud Collioud Real-time Data Streams from "e-RemoteCtrl" to Central VLBI Network Status Monitoring Services Like IVS Live
  Karen Baver, John Gipson Balancing Sky Coverage and Source Strength in the Improvement of the IVS-INT01 Sessions
  Sebastian Halsig et al. VLBI Analyses using Covariance Information from Turbulence Models
  Sergei Kurdubov, Gennadii Ilin Using External Tropospheric Delay in VLBI Data Processing
  David Eriksson et al. Troposphere Delay Raytracing Applied in VLBI Analysis
  Armin Hofmeister, Johannes Böhm Ray-traced Delays in the Atmosphere for Geodetic VLBI
  Tobias Nilsson et al. Tropospheric Modeling for the Intensive Sessions
  Matthias Madzak et al. A New Empirical Ocean Tide Model for Improved High-Frequency Earth Rotation Variations
  Maria Karbon et al. ERP Estimation using a Kalman Filter in VLBI
  Jia Wang et al. Analysis of Error Sources of Very Long Baseline Interferometry in Deep Space Exploration
  Ke Xu et al. A DOR Signal Correlation Processing Method
  Dong Zhang et al. Algorithm and Simulation Analysis of VLBI Data Correlation Processing
Session 5. VLBI Results and Their Geodetic/Astrometric Interpretation
  Oleg Titov et al. First Geodetic Results from the Australasian VLBI Network
  Sergei Kurdubov, Alexey Melnikov Comparison of Russian Ru-U and IVS Intensive Series
  Vadim Gubanov, Sergei Kurdubov Some New Results of the VLBI Data Analysis in the IAA RAS
  Robert Heinkelmann et al. The GFZ VLBI Solution: Characteristics and First Results
  Denise Dale et al. A Strategic Independent Geodetic VLBI Network for Europe
  Hana Krásná et al. Axis Offset Estimation of VLBI Telescopes
  Torsten Lossin et al. The Usage of Recursive Parameter Estimation in Automated Reference Point Determination
  Hana Krásná, Johannes Böhm Impact of Seasonal Surface Displacement on Earth Rotation and Global Reference Frames
  Cuixian Lu et al. IVS Rapid Tropospheric Parameter Re-combination and Comparison with GNSS Products
  Anastasia Girdiuk, Oleg Titov Plan and Schedule VLBI Observations of Close Approaches of Jupiter to Compact Extragalactic Radio Sources in 2016
  Jing Sun et al. Simulations of Minimum Elongation from the Sun
  Benedikt Soja et al. Investigations of the Solar Corona by VLBI
  Nicole Capitaine, Jia-Cheng Liu The Evaluation of the Earth's Dynamical Flattening Based on the IAU Precession-nutation and VLBI Observations
  Anastasia Girdiuk et al. An Alternative Model of the Gravitational Delay
  Ludwig Combrinck Space Geodesy, VLBI, and the Fourth Pillar of Geodesy – Spacetime Curvature
  David Gordon Revisiting the VLBA Calibrator Surveys for ICRF3
  John Gipson et al. The NASA Goddard Group's Source Monitoring Database and Program
  Karine Le Bail et al. Evaluation of the Stability of ICRF2 in the Past Five Years Using the Allan Variance
  Sergei Kurdubov, Elena Skurikhina On the Selection of Core Sources
  Julian Andres Mora-Diaz et al. Modeling Special Handling Source Positions in the GFZ VLBI Solution
  Virginia Raposo-Pulido et al. Datum Effects on the Stability of the Celestial Reference Frame Determined by VLBI
  Minghui Xu et al. The Acceleration of the Origin of the ICRF
  Romuald Bouffet et al. Effects of AGN Jet Evolution on VLBI Astrometric Positions
  Stanislav Shabala et al. Simulating the Effects of Quasar Structure on VLBI Observations
  Sayan Basu et al. Multi-epoch Study of Source Morphology in the Southern Hemisphere
Session 6. New Horizons for VLBI
  Aletha de Witt et al. Completing the K-band Celestial Reference Frame in the Southern Hemisphere
  Andreas Iddink et al. Combining Datum-free Normal Equation Systems and Solutions with Full Covariance Information for Upcoming CRF Realizations
  Andreas Hellerschmied et al. Observing Satellites with VLBI Radio Telescopes
  Jan Kodet et al. Co-locations of Space Geodetic Techniques on Ground and in Space
  Rüdiger Haas et al. The Wettzell–Onsala G130128 Experiment
  Li Liu et al. New Progress in VLBI Tracking of GNSS Satellites at GFZ
  Benjamin Männel et al. GLONASS Satellites Simultaneously Observed by VLBI, GNSS and SLR
  Weimin Zheng et al. Real-time and High-Accuracy VLBI in the CE-3 Mission
  Geshi Tang et al. Research on Lunar Radio Measurements by Chang'E-3
  Tian-Peng Ren et al. Phase-based Radiometric System in Lunar Radio Measurements
  Songtao Han et al. VLBI Software Correlator at the Interferometric Tracking Center of the China Deep Space Network
  Alexander Gusev et al. Radio Navigation Beacons on the Moon, Lunar Geodetic VLBI System, Physical Libration of the Moon for Chang'E-3/4, Luna-Glob, Luna-Resource and SELENE-2 Projects
  Minghui Xu, Guangli Wang On the Definition of Aberration
  Elisabeth Parselia et al. Earth Rotation Determination by Combining Ring Laser Gyroscopes and VLBI